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Gravy Analytics is a 5 year-old technology & data company disrupting the world of consumer insights. Gravy Analytics is the only location based intelligence platform that provides predictive analytics and real-time insights on how people engage across all physical locations and events. Understanding where people go and how they spend their time translates into intelligence on their lifestyles, life stages, interests and affinities – it is who we are.
Gravy Analytics is technology. We deploy solutions using Hadoop, Spark, and other parallel processing technologies; we use heuristic, pattern matching, probabilistic and machine learning algorithms. We use a variety of DBMS types, file types and analytical tools. We use Java, node.js and Python when it fits. We do everything in the Cloud. We select the right technology for the job versus deploying what we already know. We work fast and iteratively, testing along the entire way to ensure that we deliver the right solutions to our marketplace.
Gravy Analytics is data. We process billions of location signals a day and match them against our curated database of millions of proximity boundaries and the place and event data associated with them. We are the largest event aggregator in the U.S., improving and publishing well over a million events per month after weeding out millions of duplicate events and bad data records. Our analytic processes scan millions to billions of data points to generate the intelligent insights we supply to our customers.
Gravy Analytics is currently partnering with leading media, retail, and hospitality companies to increase engagement, activation and sales through the insights we generate. We enable personalized messaging to users so that organizations can communicate with consumers on the topics they are really interested in. We provide the data that powers other data product providers as well as our own data products.

Position Summary

This position will work within Gravy’s core product development teams, initially assisting in the development of REST-based web services and business logic for these products.
Successful candidates will be sharp, with a demonstrated ability to learn and produce code. You will be quick to learn and already know Java. Preferably you will have recent experience with one or more of the following: Linux, SQL, Git, Jira, and scripting languages such as Python.
The successful candidate will have a teamwork orientation and commitment to developing high-quality code.


Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • Understand technical specifications for product code.
  • Write code that delivers the functionality required and adheres to best practices in development and testing.
  • Implement and execute unit tests, including creating test data, use of REST clients and inspecting results in one or more databases to verify your code
  • Documenting the code you develop and maintaining the status of your work in Jira
  • Working effectively in Git branches and merging code as needed

Ideal Professional Qualifications

This position requires a minimum of 2 years work experience developing in Java.
How can you show us you are sharp?
  • Own a Github account with code submissions that you have created. You will need to be able to explain the code you wrote and why it is interesting
  • Demonstrate active participation in hackathons
  • Provide examples of interesting code you have authored and/or web sites you have created
  • Understand computer science principles such as object oriented design, design patterns, collections, the pros and cons of developing with strongly typed versus loosely typed languages, threading, asynchronous processing, principles of database design, principles of modular design, etc.
  • Show that you consistently code and learn new technologies outside of work
Personal characteristics must include: high integrity, team player, passion for technology innovation, flexibility, and attention to detail.

We Offer:

First and foremost, you have the opportunity to work for a company that is built on the belief that nothing comes without risk. We accept that skinning our knees is just part of the process of learning to run then sprint. Working at Gravy, you’ll join an innovative and growing organization of passionate, top-shelf, data science, engineering, and sales professionals with extensive experience in digital disruption.
And yes, you’ll get healthcare, competitive pay and equity participation as well.