Financial Services

How Financial Services Clients Are Using Location Intelligence

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Audience Targeting

Reach Luxury Lifestylers, New/Expectant Parents, In-Market Home Buyers and other target consumers with your financial services marketing message. Choose from 200+ ready-made Gravy Audiences available through leading DMP & DSP partners today.

Company Research

Gain valuable data for market research. Compare relative foot traffic and repeat visits across 2000+ major brand locations.

Competitive Benchmarking

Compare foot traffic and repeat visits by industry – Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality and more. Measure industry and brand performance relative to national and local market trends.

Co-Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

Get to know your customers. Identify frequent shoppers, in-market home and auto buyers and more. Use customer affinities to promote credit cards, home and auto loans and more – both driving revenues and improving customer satisfaction.

Ad-Hoc Questions

Learn how Gravy’s location-based intelligence can help you to answer your critical business questions. Contact us today.

Our Products & Services

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Gravy Audiences

Audiences built on consumers’ real-world activities and interests.

Gravy Insights

Location-based customer and competitive intelligence for your business.

Gravy DaaS

Location-based data for your unique business applications.