How Retail Clients Are Using Location Intelligence

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Audience Targeting

Reach Mall Lovers & Frequent Shoppers, Fashion Shoppers, Luxury Lifestylers and other target consumers with your marketing message. Choose from 200+ ready-made Gravy Audiences available through leading DMP & DSP partners today.

Company Benchmarking

Compare foot traffic and repeat visits across all retail store locations. Easily benchmark management performance, identify best practices, and extend successful tactics across sites.

Loyalty Marketing

Build a custom mobile audience based on your current store customers. Re-engage current customers with targeted mobile offers that encourage repeat visits and brand loyalty.


Launch conquesting campaigns that target competitors’ known customers. Target your competitors’ customers through Gravy’s branded audiences for retail, including Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot and more.

Competitive Benchmarking

Track store performance relative to other, competing retail stores in each market. Spot opportunities to create competitive advantage. Measure store performance relative to national & local market trends.

Customer Insights

Get to know your customers. Identify fashion shoppers, health nuts, stay-at-home parents. Use customer affinities to better plan store inventory – while driving revenues and improving customer satisfaction.

Ad-Hoc Questions

Gravy’s location-based intelligence can help you to answer your critical business questions. Contact us today.

Our Products & Services

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Gravy Audiences

Audiences built on consumers’ real-world activities and interests.

Gravy Insights

Location-based customer and competitive intelligence for your business.

Gravy Daas

Location-based data for your unique business applications.