Gravy TruLife™ Premium Lifestyle & Intender Audiences

Target & Acquire High Intent Consumers, Measure Results

Gravy TruLife Audiences are the first & only targeting solution built on the local events & activities consumers frequently engage in – offline, in the real world.

Using our high-scale access to anonymized mobile devices & our AdmitOneTM location & attendance verification engine, we identify consumers’ interests & affinities, resulting in highly predictive lifestyle & intender audiences.

With Gravy TruLife Audiences, brands get:

Access to up to 200 million mobile users across the U.S.
Predictive segments, including
“Auto Intenders,” “Pop Music Fans,”
“Sports Fanatics,” “Health Nuts” & hundreds
of others.  Custom audiences available.
Conclusive per-campaign attribution, including:
– Impressions served
– Click Through Rate
– Unique Gravy TruLife Foot Traffic reporting

Use TruLife Audiences for:

  • High-performance sales conversion & customer acquisition campaigns

  • Competitive geo-conquesting campaigns to target consumers visiting competitors, using segmented audiences to know exactly what to offer them

  • User & subscriber acquisition campaigns to grow your digital user base, targeting audiences that match your “best user” profiles

Gravy TruLife Audiences are available through leading DMP, DSP and AdTech partners Including: