Advertising Attribution

Track key performance indicators before, during and after your advertising campaigns. Measure site visits, unique visitors, customer engagement and more.

As advertising, marketing, and data analytics are transforming the way brands and customers interact, the methods that are used to tie consumer behaviors to brand interactions are evolving as well. 

The intention of advertising attribution is to understand how advertising and marketing campaigns affect a consumer’s real-world actions – knowing which tactics are driving engagement among which audiences, and how those tactics drive purchase decisions.

The trick to accurate advertising attribution is tracking omnichannel interactions – online and offline – and tying them to consumer behavior – online and offline. Creating a comprehensive pathway between channels, and from interaction to action, can be extremely complex.

This is where location intelligence comes in.

Gravy contextualizes all location data for more effective competitive intelligence.

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Location Intelligence

Location analytics takes data about where people are, and ties it to what they do. This gives businesses a basis to tie ad campaigns – regardless of whether the customer interacts with the brand online or offline – to activities, including store visits. With sales data, you know when a person buys a product: with location data, you also know when they were near a store, when they browsed, and where they stopped before and after. With verified event data, you can also determine attendance at a number of events: providing a new layer of understanding about the customer’s interests and values.

Location Intelligence and Advertising Attribution

Tie your ad campaigns to real-world actions. Gravy Analytics’ location intelligence connects buyers’ online activities to offline behaviors, allowing businesses to engage customers online. This allows accurate advertising attribution, informing whether advertising is actually effective at driving consumers to visit physical stores and events. 

Location data can help your business advertising attribution efforts by:

  • Measuring foot traffic during digital campaigns.
  • Accurately attributing advertising campaigns to real-world action.
  • Presenting accurate ROI to leadership.

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Measure Foot Traffic During Digital Campaigns

Measuring foot traffic is one factor in connecting digital advertising campaigns to real-world consumer activities. With Gravy’s location intelligence, you can measure foot traffic data before a digital ad campaign, and compare it to foot traffic while the campaign is running, as well as into the future – accounting for immediate as well as long-term effects. Using this information, a business can connect the actions of the users who have viewed ads to store visits and purchase decisions

Location analytics and targeting maturity model.

Accurately Attribute Real-World Actions to Digital Advertising 

Gravy Analytics allows your company to leverage location intelligence to learn more about how consumers react to your advertising. See if your ads spur an in-person visit and correlate increased site visits to sales. With this information, your business can accurately attribute physical consumer actions to the appropriate advertising. As a result, you won’t have to guess which ads lead to specific actions.

Attribution Analytics

Track key performance indicators before, during and after your advertising campaigns, Measure site visits, unique visitors, customer engagement and more.

Present Accurate ROI To Leadership with Advertising Attribution

Attributing the correct actions to your marketing efforts can show leadership that your advertisement efforts produce real results, driving consumers to stores. No more guessing. Present leaders with hard numbers from verified visits.

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