Advertising Attribution

    Tie your ad campaigns to real-world actions. Gravy Analytics’ location intelligence can help your business connect buyers’ online activities to offline behaviors. This allows you to engage people with your brand online and track how effective your measures are at driving consumers to visit your physical stores and events. 

    Location data can help your business advertising attribution efforts by:

    • Measuring foot traffic during digital campaigns.
    • Accurately attributing advertising campaigns to real-world action.
    • Presenting accurate ROI to leadership.

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    Measure Foot Traffic During Digital Campaigns

    Location data can power your business’s advertising attribution efforts. With Gravy Analytics location intelligence you can see foot traffic data before a digital ad campaign, then compare it to foot traffic during and after your ad campaigns. As a result, you can connect the actions of the users who have viewed your ads to those who have visited your stores and made a purchase.Gravy Analytics Advertising Attribution


    Accurately Attribute Real-World Actions to Digital Advertising 

    Gravy Analytics allows your company to leverage location intelligence to learn more about how consumers react to your advertising. See if your ads spur an in-person visit and correlate increased site visits to sales. With this information, your business can accurately attribute physical consumer actions to the appropriate advertising. As a result, you won’t have to guess which ads lead to specific actions.

    Accurately Attribute Real-World Actions to Digital Advertising 



    Present Accurate ROI To Leadership with Advertising Attribution

    Attributing the correct actions to your marketing efforts can show leadership that your advertisement efforts produce real results, driving consumers to stores. No more guessing. Present leaders with hard numbers from verified visits. 

    Gravy Analytics cleanses foot traffic data to provide accurate advertising attribution..

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