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    Jeff White

    Want More Sales? Get to the Convention Center
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    Growing up, my parents would often load us into the car on Saturday mornings for a day of adventure. Or so I thought. Often, our “adventure” began at the local…

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    Age of Attribution Image
    The Age of Attribution is Upon Us
    1024 586 Jeff White

    Never Confuse a Clear Vision with a Short Distance I’ve always envisioned a time when marketers would have a true understanding of consumer behavior at every touchpoint, and could provide…

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    Verified Event Attendance
    Verified Event Attendance is About Location Precision and Consumer Commitment
    1024 683 Jeff White

    By Jeff White  In a recent post, I outlined how consumer commitment to a particular intent or interest can have a big impact on the reliability and robustness of targeted…

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    Commitment and Audience Segmentation
    Let’s Talk About Commitment…In Your Audience Segmentation
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    By Jeff White How do you tell if someone is committed to something? This is an age-old question for a lot of things in life from relationships to hobbies, jobs,…

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    Why Audience Reach and Insight Are a More Powerful Advertising Combination
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    By Jeff White The old advertising rule is often boiled down to two words: reach and frequency. This was the mantra during the era of advertising mass media. First, reach…

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    Gravy on the Move: New Audiences, New Products, New Value
    1024 459 Jeff White

    Jeff White, Gravy Founder & CEO Last week we announced a new funding round that included participation by some high profile names inventure capital. It is always nice when people look…

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    The World of Location Data is Like Being in Oz: “Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My”
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    The location based marketing industry will reach $55 billion over next 3 years, yet up to 90% of location signal data today is flawed. Yes, I said flawed. Why is that?…

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