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    Retailers: Will the 2016 Holiday Season be Groundhog Day Again? - Groundhog Image
    Retailers: Will the 2016 Holiday Season be Groundhog Day Again? It Doesn’t Have to Be.
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    Let’s face it, retailers have really taken it on the chin over the past twelve months. Last year’s holiday season was, ahem, something less than stellar, and the industry has been…

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    Social Wifi Networks & GPS City Image
    Indoor, Outdoor and Back Again
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    Why Social Wifi Networks Need GPS Location-Based Consumer Intelligence Companies. Although both are built on mobile, Social Wifi networks and GPS/geo-fence location-based providers have evolved independently, with quite different sets…

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    Todd Simon Presents at Plug And Play's Retail Expo: Logo
    Gravy Makes the Cut for Batch 6 of Plug and Play Brand and Retail
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    Plug and Play Tech Center is the world’s largest global technology accelerator and venture fund, and runs industry-specific startup accelerator programs throughout the year.  These programs make up an ecosystem…

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    Is P&G Move Away from Facebook Audience Targeting a Sign - Image
    Is P&G’s Move Away from Facebook Audience Targeting a Sign that it Doesn’t Work?
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    Hardly. We think this announcement is more of indictment of the audience quality Proctor & Gamble was reaching, not of the need for audience targeting itself.  According to P&G, it…

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    Oracle + Gravy Analytics Logo: Event-Attendance Audiences
    Gravy Data to Help Power Oracle Data Cloud’s New B2B Audience Solutions with Tradeshow and Event-Attendee Targeting and Insights
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    As a natural step in the evolution of data-driven audience marketing, Oracle Data Cloud just announced its entry into the Business-to-Business (B2B) digital marketing space in a big way. Oracle’s…

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    Long Term Re-Targeting - Customer Engagement Image
    Forget Proximity Targeting. “Long Term Re-Targeting” Is the Key for Mobile-Derived Ad Success.
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    If Done Right. Ok, maybe “forget proximity targeting” is a bit too strong.  Certainly serving ads as consumers pass an advertiser’s location or when they’re leaving an event close to…

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    Geo-Signals-Cloud: Image
    Team Gravy Is Happy to Announce the “Hockey Stick” Growth of Its Open Geo-Signals Cloud
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    Cloud surpasses 200M mobile device Ad IDs, Finds Great Fidelity in Event Attendances. Read how Gravy’s Open Geo-Signals Cloud Breaks 200 Million Mobile-Device Mark within Two Months of Launch.

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    Twitter's Audience API: Tweeting Image
    Twitter’s Audience API. A Great Start, But it Has a Ways to Go
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    A recent MediaPost piece entitled Twitter Offers Audience API to All Brands, announced the broad release of its Audience API.  The release was designed in response to brand requests to…

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    Some Advice to Omni-Channel Retailers: Click vs. Shopping Graphic
    Some Advice to Omni-Channel Retailers
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    By Rick Braddock, Former CEO, Priceline and Chairman of the Board, Gravy Many traditional business models are being buffeted by new technologies, but probably none more so than retail.  Retail…

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    Gannett + ReachLocal Logos
    Congratulations to Gravy Investor, Gannett, on the Strategic Purchase of ReachLocal
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    We’re thrilled to congratulate our investor, Gannett, on the announcement of its acquisition of ReachLocal, a premier provider of digital services to small, medium and large businesses. Not only does…

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