Better Ad Taps Gravy Analytics to Expand Client Ad Revenue & Deliver Granular Analytics through Mobile Advertising & Social WiFi

    Gravy Analytics TruLife™ audiences & VisitCast™ foot traffic predictor helps Better AD Network’s clients deeply engage with customers, deliver relevant ads & provide unique data & analytics.

    Phoenix, AZ and Leesburg, VA., September 28, 2016Gravy Analytics, the only location-based customer intelligence platform based on verified local event attendances, and Better AD, the nation’s only programmatic mobile & WiFi advertising platform, today announced a strategic business development and data partnership.  Together, the companies will bring Gravy’s unique TruLife audience targeting and VisitCast foot traffic prediction solutions to Better AD Network’s Social WiFi, Geo-Fencing and Mobile Advertising clients.

    Since 2014, Better AD Network has been helping retail and restaurant chains, shopping centers and public municipalities use Social WiFi to gather granular customer data (through Social WiFi connections), to create hyper-targeted mobile advertising, turning a client’s WiFi into a revenue generation tool.  While this Social sourced data is valuable and the ad revenue is compelling, Better AD Network recognized the opportunity to deliver deeper customer insights and more relevant and scalable ad solutions for its clients—both within their Social WiFi networks and across the entire digital ecosystem. To capitalize on the opportunity, Better AD Network turned to Gravy Analytics, the only location based provider building lifestyle, life stage and “in-market” customer insights and audiences based on the local events, activities and places mobile customers visit in their daily lives.

    “With Gravy TruLife, we’re able to differentiate ourselves and deliver much more contextually relevant ad experiences than relying on basic gender, age, ‘likes and shares,’ gleaned from Social,” said Stacy Deprey-Purper, CEO, Better Ad Network.  “Not only that, but with Gravy’s VisitCast solution, we’re helping clients know the local events that have historically driven customers to stores and restaurants.  And by knowing upcoming events, they can predict and plan for peak traffic periods to optimize staffing and inventory planning and more.”

    “We’re excited to help Better AD Network help its clients understand their own customers’ interests and affinities for their use in high-engagement CRM initiatives,” said Jeff White, CEO, Gravy.  “And we look forward to helping Better AD Network differentiate itself by helping its clients and other advertisers extend reach beyond their own locations, to continue the engagement across the entire digital ad ecosystem.” 

    About Better Ad Network

    Better AD  Network is the world’s first programmatic platform designed to monetize WiFi.  With Better AD Network’s “Connect. Engage. Grow.” process, the company helps businesses pull market share from their competitors, connects and engages with customers in retail, hospitality and municipalities, and provides remarketing that is both granular and effective in its approach to growing revenue. For more information, visit

    About Gravy Analytics

    Gravy is the only mobile, location-based customer intelligence platform identifying consumers’ passions based on verified attendances at local events and venues.  Gravy combines conclusive geo-signal knowledge of where consumers go and what they do, with its AdmitOne™ attendance verification engine.  As a result, Gravy gives brands TruLife™ predictive segmentation, Lifestyle and Intender audience targeting and foot traffic attribution. Built on Privacy by Design principles. For more information, visit