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    61% of Registered Voters are “Politically Involved”. But How do Campaigns, PACs and Their Agencies Find Them?

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    According to an IAB Study: Race for the Whitehouse, 2016, the majority of registered U.S. voters are “Politically Involved” and of those, almost 40% are either “Politically Active” (attending a rallies, speeches or organized public meetings in town), or “Political Influencers” (Leading fundraising efforts, making speeches or serving on local political committees).

    These are surprising statistics for sure—a spokesperson with the IAB underscored their importance, stating “Mobilize them to set agendas in their communities, focus the conversations and their potential to get the vote out. Create messages and advertising that address their passion and enable them to participate.”

    Easily said, not so easily done.

    From a media consumption perspective, the Study cited that registered voters gravitate towards national news sites (43%) and online media news sites (34%) for candidate information and news. And the “Political Influentials” learn more about candidates through a multiplicity of digital media, followed by TV. While directionally helpful for media placement strategies, this leaves political marketers needing to cast a large net, with a large spend in hopes of reaching the most motivated voters.

    Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I find a way to individually identify these voters?”

    Well, if you’re reading this blog, you just have.

    As noted above, a large percentage of registered voters are passionate enough to invest their personal time to attend and engage in political events—both at the national and local levels. With new, mobile, behavioral based services that anonymously capture these voters’ preferences based on their attendances at these events, premium digital audiences comprised of them are available, for the first time. Unprecedented.

    So, campaign marketers, PACs and political agencies, you no longer have to waste media spend on broad “spray and pray” buys.Now, you can know exactly which registered voters are most engaged, and reach them directly with messages that mobilize them to contribute, engage and “get the vote out.”

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