7 Smart Strategies for Hospitality Location-Based Tech

March 9, 2016

Hospitality Technology magazine recently published an insightful article in the importance of location based technology adoption, and recommendations to help hospitality companies define a technology roadmap that includes location-based elements.

One hospitality expert summed up the need well. “Ten years ago guests expected a consistent experience across the brand,” says Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the Asian American Hotel Owner’s Association. “Today they are looking for a tailored, individual experience. An individualized offer creates loyalty, and hotels can do that using location data.”

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Other experts offered tips on the “how’s and what’s” for leveraging location-based strategies. One of those experts was Gravy’s own CRO, Aaron Vance, recommending the best way to begin, is to start small. “The range of opportunities is wide; start without preconceived notions because you may find unexpected value in surprising places.”

For Gravy’s hospitality clients, it’s often as simple as first, understanding where loyalty guests go and the events they attend in-and-around properties and in between stays, to identify guests’ wants and needs, and to understand which guests are defecting to competitors. This initial location-based intelligence then becomes a foundation for building strategies to improve personalization and guest experiences, and to win-back share-of-nights from guests staying at competitors’ properties.

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