Best Drive-In Movie Theaters for Summer Blockbusters

June 17, 2022

Drive-in movie theaters gained popularity during the early stages of the pandemic, because movie goers could enjoy screenings of blockbuster movies from inside their own cars in a safe and socially distant environment. Even now that coronavirus restrictions have lifted and indoor movie theaters have reopened, consumers still love going to drive-in movie theaters. 

If you are looking for a drive-in theater recommendation to watch the latest blockbusters this summer, we’ve got the list for you! Based on our foot traffic data, we curated a list of the top 25 drive-in movie theaters in the U.S.

Best Drive-In Movie Theaters for Summer Blockbusters
25. Family Drive-In (Stephens City, VA)

Family Drive-In is the only two-screen drive-in movie theater in the D.C. Metro Area.

24. Monetta Drive-In Theatre (Monetta, SC)

The Monetta Drive-In, also known as the Big Mo, is a two-screen drive-in theater located off of Columbia Highway North in Monetta, South Carolina.

23. Parkway Drive-In Theatre (Maryville, TN)

Parkway Drive-In is a popular drive-in movie theater outside of Maryville. The theater is open on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer.

22. Starlite Drive-In (Cadet, MO)

Established in 1952, Starlite Drive-In is a family-owned two-screen drive-in located in Cadet off of State Highway

21. Finger Lakes Drive-In (Auburn, NY)

Established in 1947, Finger Lakes Drive-In is the oldest running drive-in theater in New York state.

20. Sunset Drive-In Theater (Shinnston, WV)

Sunset Drive-In Theater, located near Meadowbrook, West Virginia, is open Thursday through Sunday. The drive-in also hosts a popular flea market on Saturdays.

19. Holiday Drive-In Theatre (Rockport, IN)

Holiday Drive-In is a cash-only drive-in theater. The drive-in has been serving the Rockport community since the 1950’s.

18. Vineland Drive-In (City of Industry, CA)

Vineland Drive-In is a multi-screen drive-in movie theater in eastern Los Angeles County.

17. Winchester Drive-In (Oklahoma City, OK)

Winchester Drive-In is a historic drive-in theater. The theater opened in 1968, and it is the only operating drive-in in Oklahoma City.

16. 88 Drive-In Theatre (Commerce City, CO)

88 Drive-In is a family-owned drive-in theater in the Denver metro area. The theater opened in 1972.

15. Auto Vue Drive-In Theatre (Sidney, OH)

Auto Vue, built in 1956, is a family-owned drive-in theater in Sidney, Ohio. Favorite concessions at Auto Vue include the made-to-order funnel cake and pretzels.

14. McHenry Outdoor Theater (McHenry, IL)

McHenry Outdoor Theater is a historic drive-in in McHenry, Illinois. The theater sells season passes for movie goers.

13. Ocala Drive-In Theatre (Ocala, FL)

Ocala Drive-In is a family-owned drive-in theater in Ocala, Florida.

12. Holiday Auto Theatre (Hamilton, OH)

The Holiday Auto Theatre is a drive-in movie theater, which opened in 1948. The theater boasts a large selection at the snack bar, including their signature “Apple Tower.”

11.  Boulevard Drive-In Theatre (Kansas City)

Boulevard Drive-In is a 1950’s family-owned drive-in theater. The drive-in hosts a swap ’n’ shop, also known as a flea market, every Saturday and Sunday.

10.  Galaxy Drive-In Movie Theatre (Ennis, TX)

Galaxy Drive-In, which opened in 2004, is a 7-screen drive-in theater off of Interstate 45 in Ennis, Texas. The theater also has a mini-golf course.

9. Showboat Drive-In (Hockley, TX)

Showboat Drive-In is a year-round drive-in theater in Hockley, Texas.

8. Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-In (North Ridgeville, OH)

Located near Cleveland, Aut-O-Rama is a family-owned drive-in that opened in 1965. It was the first drive-in in the Cleveland metro area to install AM radio.

7. South Bay Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet (San Diego, CA)

South Bay Drive-In is a drive-in theater located in the city of San Diego. The drive-in hosts a “Swap Meet” every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

6.  West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive-In

West Wind is a family-owned and operated drive-in theater chain located in the West and Southwest region of the U.S. Its Sacramento location hosts special events, including car shows and Customer Appreciation nights.

5.  La Grande Drive-in (La Grande, OR)

Francis A. Greulich purchased La Grande Drive-In in 1953, the year it was built. The drive-in is open for screenings during the summer months. 

4.  Coyote Drive-In (Fort Worth, TX)

Coyote Drive-In is a 4-screen drive-in theater in downtown Fort Worth. The drive-in is also known for its concessions stand, The Coyote Canteen. 

3.  West Wind Capitol 6 Drive-In (San Jose, CA)

Capitol 6 Drive-In is a West Wind drive-in theater located in South San Jose.

2. Redwood Drive-In Theatre (West Valley City, UT)

Redwood Drive-In, which opened in 1948, is a drive-in movie theater located in the Salt Lake City area.

1. West Wind Glendale 9 Drive-In (Glendale, AZ)

West Wind Glendale 9 Drive-In is a nine screen drive-in theater. It considers itself to be the largest drive-in in the Western U.S.

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