Best Way to Advertise Job Openings: Restaurant and Retail Industry

November 15, 2021

While walking through a strip mall or picking up takeout at a restaurant, you might notice something that stores and restaurants have in common: they are all hiring. The U.S. recently saw record job openings, and “Help Wanted” signs are everywhere. 

Using Gravy Audiences, businesses can reach current retail and restaurant employees who may be in the job market and open to considering a new opportunity. Hiring companies can easily reach prospective candidates with information about available positions and job benefits—like professional development, promotional opportunities, or flexible scheduling—using Gravy’s advertising audiences.

Advertise Job Openings to Restaurant and Retail Employees

Many restaurants and retail outlets prefer to hire employees who already have industry experience. How can businesses reach people with the experience they need with information about available opportunities? Gravy Audiences can help companies advertise job openings directly to those who are employed at places like fast food chains, grocery stores, restaurants, home improvement stores, or car dealerships. With location-based advertising audiences, employers can target well-qualified candidates with information about job openings, improving campaign response rate and ROI.

Here are the top five audiences that companies can use to reach current restaurant and retail employees who might be in the market for a new job.

Slide 1: Likely Fast Food Employee


Frequent visitors to fast food venues who are likely to be employees.

Slide 2: Restaurant Employee


Frequent visitors to restaurants who are likely to be employees.

Slide 3: Grocery Store Employee


Frequent visitors to grocery stores who are likely to be employees.

Slide 4: Likely Home Improvement Store Employee


Frequent visitors to home improvement stores who are likely to be employees.

Slide 5: Likely Car Dealership Employee


Frequent visitors to car dealerships who are likely to be employees.

Location Intelligence for Hiring Campaigns

Isn’t it time to stop wasting ad dollars on job postings that don’t reach potential hires? Gravy Audiences can help businesses reach interested and experienced prospective candidates with their hiring campaigns. By reaching the right audience, companies can improve engagement with their hiring campaigns and source more qualified candidates for employment.

For more information on using Gravy Audiences to advertise job openings, speak to an expert at Gravy Analytics today

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