Campaigns We Love: “Coach – Defining Modern Luxury”

May 14, 2019

Coach’s new advertising campaign continues to evangelize its modern luxury leather goods to fashionable, younger buyers. The company’s handbags, clothing and accessories take center stage in spots featuring actor Selena Gomez, the current face of Coach. With highly-embellished handbags and shoes, and whimsical clothing and accessories, Coach’s latest line gives a youthful, eclectic aesthetic a luxurious feel.

Founded in 1941, Coach quickly became known for its expertly-crafted leather goods and free-spirited modern vision of luxury. In recent years, Coach acquired brands Stuart Weitzman and Kate Spade, expanding its reach in the luxury fashion market, and underscoring its focus on superior craftsmanship and innovative, thoughtful design.

Campaigns We Love: “Coach - Defining Modern Luxury”

Here are a few ideas of how Coach can use location intelligence to better connect with their target consumers and measure the results of their latest campaign.

Precision Audience Targeting

With location-based audiences, Coach can more efficiently reach their target buyers digital ads and offers. Coach can easily target their ads to people known to visit premium fashion brands using an audience like ‘Fashion Shoppers’ or ‘Affluent Consumers & Luxury Lifestylers’. These audiences include consumers recently observed at higher-end retail locations. Coach might even create a custom audience of visitors observed at its own store locations to keep their current buyers connected.

Measure Campaign Performance

Coach invites consumers to shop both online and in over 1,000 stores across North America. Location data can help brands measure consumer response to advertising campaigns, whether someone engages with the brand online, offline or both. A location data-powered attribution study would let Coach gauge consumer response to ads in terms of visits to stores – not just click-throughs. In this way, Coach can measure the impact of its new advertising campaign both online and in the real world.

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