Campaigns We Love: Bud Light’s Touchdown Glass

September 13, 2017

When it comes to sports sponsorships, simple signage no longer cuts it, especially for brands that don’t really need the awareness boost. These days, it’s all about giving fans something useful or unique, and Bud Light does just that with their new ‘Touchdown Glass’ campaign. At the start of football season, Bud Light debuted NFL beer glasses that light up when your favorite team scores a touchdown. These glasses connect via Bluetooth to a mobile app that causes the base to illuminate whenever your team scores. At the moment, only seven teams are featured on the glasses: The 49ers, Broncos, Colts, Giants, Jets, Patriots and Raiders. (There’s also a generic NFL-themed glass for those whose team isn’t currently featured). The new campaign, ‘Touchdown Glass’, aims to enhance the consumer experience through new innovations that engage NFL fans wherever they may be.

Here are a few ways we think the Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light team could take their campaign’s performance up a notch with location-based audiences and insights:

1. Beer Lovers

Our top audience pick for Bud Light is none other than Beer Lovers. Consumers in this audience are frequently observed at craft brewing events, beer tasting events and at related places that indicate they make beer a priority in their life. Bud Light should also zero in on our NFL Football Fan audience to reach those die-hard fanatics. We think our local Redskins fans would agree!

2.  Happy Hour Adventurers and Sport Fanatics

Bud Light also has an opportunity to extend its outreach beyond NFL Football Fans, and capture market share with location-based audiences like Happy Hour Adventurers and Sport Fanatics. These consumers are seen at pubs and bars, participate in professional, collegiate, or amateur sporting events, and attend game viewing parties at public restaurants. These all suggest that these consumers have a taste for Bud Light’s light lager beer.

3. Event Sponsorship

Bud Light’s sponsorships today include the ChampBoat Racing Series, MLB, NBA, NFL, NBA, and Professional Bull Riding – top events that tie in with the company’s focus on sports. By analyzing consumer attendances at major events – like the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Super Bowl or the World Series – Bud Light can identify additional events that over-index for their ideal consumers. In this way, Bud Light can pinpoint new sponsorship opportunities that tie in with the Bud Light brand and effectively reach their target audience(s).

Gravy knows consumer behavior: We process billions of pseudonymous location signals every day to better understand where people go and what they do in the real world. We then use this information to create audiences and data insights, making it easier for advertisers to connect with committed consumers – wherever they are.

We expect to see much more of the Bud Light campaign in the coming months. If you’re interested in learning more about Gravy and how location intelligence can be used to supercharge your marketing efforts, contact us today.

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