Campaigns We Love: How Burger King Can Use Location Intelligence To Grow Their Sales

December 6, 2018

Burger King just launched a geolocation-based stunt that rewards customers with a $.01 Whopper when they – wait for it – visit a McDonald’s. Until December 12, consumers with the Burger King app can order a Whopper for just a penny when they go within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. Once the order is placed, the app provides directions to a nearby Burger King for pickup.

“Whopper Detour” is the latest in a series of standout campaigns by the fast food mainstay. We love Burger King’s fearless approach to marketing – key to staying top-of-mind in the hyper-competitive restaurant industry. Here are a few more ways that Burger King could use location intelligence to grow their sales and bring in new customers.

Campaigns We Love: Burger King’s Whopper Detour

Reach Known Burger Diners

Gravy’s ready-to-use ‘Fast Food Diner – Burger King’ audience includes mobile consumers known to visit Burger King locations. Knowing that loyal diners are likely to add fries and a drink to their order, why not encourage them to dine again soon with a $.01 Whopper deal? At the same time, Burger King can promote its recently-revamped Burger King app.

Pro Tip: Explore all Gravy Audiences and search by keyword with the Gravy Audience finder.

Understand Your Customers

McDonald’s uses its app as a source of customer information, and Burger King can do the same: through location data, Burger King can reveal deeper insights about its customers. By understanding the places their diners visit and the events they attend, Burger King can better identify sponsorship opportunities, inform new menu items or services, and even pinpoint locations for new restaurants.

Conquest Competitors’ Customers

Did you know that Gravy has off-the-shelf audiences for leading fast food chains like McDonalds, Subway and Chick-Fil-A? By advertising to their competitors’ known customers, Burger King can reach even more fast food aficionados with their latest promotion – a $.01 deal, a new menu item, or fast food delivery – wherever they happen to be.

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