Campaigns We Love: Peet’s Coffee ‘What Fills Your Cup?’

February 13, 2018

With their latest campaign, ‘What Fills Your Cup?’, Peet’s Coffee embraces positivity and celebrates consumers’ individual excellence with video spots, unique social media filters and a sweepstakes to win a free year of coffee. The campaign aims to answer the question of “What Fills Your Cup?” by exploring the passion that drives the brand and Peet’s fans in their pursuit of craft, arts, sports and other aspirations. To do so, Peet’s Coffee teamed up with five influencers – a chef, professional surfer, photographer, musician and a Peet’s roastmaster – to share their passions and bring grounded, relatable voices to the campaign.

Here are a few ways we think the Peet’s Coffee team could amp up their campaign’s performance with location-derived audiences and insights:

Peets Coffee - What Fills Your Cup Ad
1. Coffee Shop Lovers

Our top audience pick for Peet’s Coffee is none other than Coffee Shop Lovers. Consumers in this audience are frequently observed at coffee shops and places where coffee is the central theme. Peet’s Coffee should also consider Foodies to reach mobile consumers who enjoy new food experiences and consider dining out a hobby.

2. Outdoor Activity Enthusiasts

Peet’s Coffee has an opportunity to extend its outreach to enthusiasts, using audiences like Outdoor Activity Enthusiasts and Lovers of the Arts. These engaged mobile consumers are often observed at places and events like community parks and hiking trails, or performing arts centers and art exhibits.

3. Community Involvement

Peet’s Coffee community involvement includes the 24 Foundation, Active Minds and local fire relief organizations– charities that tie in with the company’s commitment to social responsibility. By analyzing consumer attendances at charitable events – like the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, Oaktoberfest, Pelotonia or Thon – Peet’s Coffee can identify new charitable opportunities that engage their ideal consumers.

Gravy knows consumer behavior: We process billions of anonymous location signals every day to better understand where people go and what they do in the real world. We then use this information to create audiences and data insights, making it easier for advertisers to connect with committed consumers – wherever they are.

We expect to see much more of the ‘What Fills Your Cup?’ campaign in the coming months. If you’re interested in learning more about Gravy and how location intelligence can be used to supercharge your marketing efforts, contact us today.

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