Campaigns We Love: Taco Bell & Forever 21’s New Clothing Line

October 16, 2017

Taco Bell, which once ran ads that urged customers to “make a run for the border,” now wants them to run for the dressing room. The fast food chain has teamed up with teen outfitter Forever 21 to launch a collection of bodysuits, cropped hoodies, sweatshirts, anoraks and graphic tees in hunger-inspiring prints. Think a pink pullover sweatshirt with an embroidered “Live Mas” logo on the chest, or a tank top designed to look like a packet of the chain’s signature Fire Sauce. Once shoppers arrive at the store, it’s up to Forever 21 to create an engaging and fulfilling in-store experience so that shoppers won’t be one and done. Ultimately, the campaign is a move by both companies to drive traffic to both online and physical locations and to give customers a new way to experience each brand.

We love the creativity behind the new Taco Bell and Forever 21 collaboration. But will it live up to its potential? Here are a few ways that Taco Bell and Forever 21 could be using location-based audiences and insights to add even more zest to their newest campaign:

Campaigns We Love: Taco Bell & Forever 21 New Clothing Line - Image
1. Fast Food Diners

Our top audience pick for Taco Bell is none other than Fast Food Diners. Consumers in this audience are frequently observed at fast food and quick service restaurants. Taco Bell might also use our branded Fast Food Diners – Taco Bell audience to re-engage their current customers and introduce them to their collaboration with Forever 21. We’d also recommend that Taco Bell broaden its outreach by using our Casual Diners audience to reach mobile consumers who typically visit casual dining restaurants instead.

2. Fashion Shoppers and Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers

Taco Bell and Forever 21 can take their message beyond restaurant diners to reach even more consumers through lifestyle audiences like Fashion Shoppers or Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers. These mobile consumers are frequently seen at malls and shopping venues, boutique clothing stores, accessory stores, and standalone retailers. All suggest that consumers in these audiences may have a taste for Taco Bell’s new collection at Forever 21.

3. Build a Custom Audience

The unique partnership between Taco Bell and Forever 21 may warrant creation of a unique audience – a Custom Audience  – built to company specification. With a custom audience, Taco Bell and Forever 21 can combine restaurant diners with frequent shoppers, and add venue and event geo-fences that complement their strong showing with Generation Z.  This audience could include visitors to competitors like H&M, American Eagle or Chipotle, consumers observed at high schools or colleges, and attendees at events like the VMAs and SXSW. This approach lets Taco Bell and Forever 21 create an even more efficient audience that complements their mission to connect with consumers through music and fashion.

Gravy knows consumer behavior: We process billions of pseudonymous location signals every day to better understand where people go and what they do in the real world. We then use this information to create audiences and data insights, making it easier for advertisers to connect with committed consumers – wherever they are.

We’re excited to see how the Taco Bell and Forever 21 campaign performs for each brand. Will we see sales spike at Taco Bell or Forever 21, or both? Or will this unexpected flavor combination fall flat?  To learn more about Gravy Analytics and how location intelligence can be used to spice up your marketing efforts, contact us today.

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