Campaigns We Love: Volkswagen’s “Hello Light” & “Drive Bigger”

August 12, 2019

Volkswagen, best-known in the U.S. for its iconic VW Beetle and VW Bus, nearly ruined its brand with a diesel emissions scandal 4 years ago. Their latest ad campaign, “Drive Bigger”, does something that we don’t often see  automakers do: own up to past errors.

The campaign – which kicks off with a spot entitled “Hello Light” – refocuses the Volkswagen brand on people, innovation, and the betterment of society. Among the highlights: Volkswagen’s commitment to electric, to achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2050, and the company’s plans to introduce an all-electric vehicle lineup starting in 2020.

Campaigns We Love: Volkswagen “Hello Light”

Here’s how Volkswagen could add location intelligence to its latest brand campaign and make the most of its marketing efforts:

Precision Ad Targeting

With location-based advertising audiences, Volkswagen can easily target in-market auto buyers with their ads. Choose from audiences like ‘In-Market Auto Buyers’ to reach consumers who’ve recently visited any new car dealership, or ‘In-Market Auto Buyers – Volkswagen’ to reach known VW dealership visitors for even greater precision.

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Acquire New Customers

Volkswagen’s commitment to bring “electrification to the people” is a golden opportunity to bring environmentally-conscious buyers back to the VW brand. Location analytics reveal the places, brands, and events that are most popular among ‘Green Living’ consumers: use this data to pinpoint the billboard locations, event sponsorships, and co-marketing partnerships that get the message in front of VW’s target audience.

Optimize the Customer Experience

Understanding what your customers need is key to building long-term customer relationships. Location analytics provide deep insight into consumer interests and habits: discover which customers are pet lovers, new parents, sports fans, and more. By personalizing digital marketing efforts throughout the customer lifecycle, Volkswagen can create loyal, customer relationships that stand the test of time.

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