Correcting the Record – Gizmodo

August 5, 2022

This week, Gizmodo published an article about the availability of pregnancy-related advertising audiences on the LiveRamp advertising platform. Gravy Analytics has one expectant parent-related audience, Recent Clothing Shopper – Maternity, and is one of 32 different audience providers referenced in the piece.

Prior to publication, Gizmodo reached out to Gravy for more information about how we build our advertising audiences. We confirmed that our Recent Clothing Shopper – Maternity audience is built solely on foot traffic to non-sensitive retail locations, like maternity stores. We further clarified that this audience does not include data from any sensitive locations, like women’s shelters, abortion or fertility clinics, or other healthcare centers. 

We also referred Gizmodo to more information about how we handle sensitive locations and confirmed that our company does not share this data with law enforcement.

Unfortunately, Gizmodo chose not to include this information in the finished article and extensively paraphrased our response.  

Finally, the article repeats the false assertion that Gravy’s subsidiary, Venntel, has an active contract with the Department of Homeland Security. This is objectively false, and as of Gizmodo’s publication date, had already been corrected by other media outlets. 

We have requested that this correction be made by Gizmodo as well, but to date, we have received no response.

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