If You Have Any Doubt on Where Mobile Users Spend Their on-Device Time, You Now Have Your Answer.

Where Mobile Users Spend Their on-Device Time: Chart

It’s All About the Apps!

In a recent research piece published by eMarketer, it’s clear that smartphone Apps are crushing mobile web time.

This is good news for mobile marketers.

We’re all familiar with the challenges of targeting on mobile web.  At the front end, those include variations in browser settings, different levels of cookie settings and limitations on allowing 3rd party cookies.  This all leads to inconsistency and lack of scale.  On the back end, lacking location, mobile web is unable to aid in building an understanding of user wants/needs, lifestyles.  And that doesn’t help with informed targeting/re-targeting.

The good news—with cross device matching, the location intelligence anonymously gathered from apps can be applied to mobile web targeting—at least to optimize what value it has (same with tablets, desktop and offline, of course).  By gathering and understanding mobile consumers’ lifestyle interests, life stages and intent, app-intelligence can be utilized for in-app campaigns at a scale of up to/over 200M U.S. consumers; and at a lesser scale, for mobile Web, desktop and offline.

But with over 85% of usage now taking place in apps, you may ask, “Why bother with mobile web matching at all?”  That may be a bit harsh and somewhat short-sighted, but implementing a “mobile app first” strategy is clearly the starting point for scalable, personalized mobile targeting.

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