Driving Staycationers to Hotels with Location Intelligence

Create the Ultimate Hotel Staycation Experience with Location Intelligence

All over the world, we’ve watched as the travel industry slowly unraveled. With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping through countries, cities, and towns, nowhere and no industry was safe from the effects of mass closures and government mandates. 

As we slowly get back to our feet after nearly six months of isolation and quarantine, how can the hotel industry bounce back from an unprecedented shutdown? The answer may be simpler than you realize: staycationers. As 2020 continues and the world slowly reopens, people are still afraid to travel, yet the staycation market is booming; so many people are tired of being within their own four walls for such a long period of time during quarantine that they are itching to get out, even if that means snagging a room within their own city limits for a weekend. 

How can hospitality groups and hotels take advantage of this new trend? From gaining market insights to finding ways to restore consumer confidence, here are the top three ways that location intelligence can help the hotel industry bounce back.


Using real-time location intelligence, hotel leaders can gauge what consumers are looking for and help you compete in an already cut-throat market. With a high-quality location intelligence solution in place and unparalleled market insights, you gain valuable information about your ideal buyer personas and where they are shopping, what interests them the most, and foot traffic analysis. 

For example, you’re a boutique hotel chain on the Virginia coast. Times have been tough, so your marketing team has been sending out ads blindly, to just about anyone who comes within a mile radius. The ads haven’t been effective, and you’re wasting valuable budget on a strategy that isn’t working. You decide to implement a location intelligence solution in the hopes that it will help you get the results you so desperately need: Staycationers. 

After you conduct a data analysis, you realize why your ads weren’t hitting their intended target: the neighborhood surrounding your hotel might look like an old fashioned suburban beach town, but the area is populated with hip young professionals, not the families and middle-aged people that the ads were written for. 

With these data insights in tow, you hit the market with a new strategy, one that emphasizes the fun amenities and lower rates instead of the family-friendly amenities that you were sending out before, and within a few hours of the ads going live, you have an influx of guests at the front desk and the phones are ringing more than they have all year.


It’s no question that the majority of people are afraid to travel right now. What can hotel leaders do to restore that consumer confidence that is so important in order to regain the traffic that had been lost?

By using real-world insights from location data, hotels can send targeted ads touting the cleanliness of their hotel and the measures taken to ensure a safe stay. Not only this but only send the ads to the people who you know are the most likely to convert based on your market insights.

Latest Insights on Location Intelligence

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One thing is undoubtedly true: 2020 has completely transformed the way that consumers shop, and how wanderlusting people travel. What used to be important, like a big pool, comfy robes, and continental breakfasts, have now taken the backburner to cleanliness, outdoor activities, and hand sanitizer pumps in easy-access locations.

Hotels need to revolutionize their amenity offerings, yet the question still remains: what exactly are hotel guests and staycationers looking for? The answer lies in data-driven marketing through location intelligence. Not only will this allow you to keep up with competitors and gain insight into their offerings, but also give you the answers you need to revolutionize your marketing strategies for the most success.

Meeting Future Hotel Industry Challenges with Location Intelligence

There’s no doubt that the economic tick hotels will begin to see in the near future is as a result of people venturing out and staycationing within their own city limits. Now that things are looking up, how will you differentiate yourself from the competition and stay ahead of the game?

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