Epistemix and Gravy Analytics Team Up to Simulate the Health Impacts of Reopening Sports Stadiums

October 29, 2020

FRED Meets Location Intelligence

Epistemix’s Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics (FRED) is an agent-based modeling platform that simulates health changes in populations over time. Models incorporate the latest local COVID-19 public health data, calibrate the simulation to the stadium’s specific local conditions, and use realistic social dynamics based on local policies and regulations. The FRED platform allows analysts to predict and compare the impacts of COVID-19 interventions on the people and communities they serve. This partnership brings Gravy’s high-quality Visitations data into the FRED platform to bolster simulations with unparalleled location intelligence.

Gravy Visitations contextualizes verified customer visits to venues with rich event metadata. Using Gravy Visitations, Epistemix can assess COVID-19 risk levels associated with having sports events with different levels of capacity. They can also correlate this data to the changes to facilities, local tailgating regulations, and travel habits to simulate the specific public health impacts on the community.

Actionable Insights to Bring Fans Back Safely

With the Gravy Visitations integration, Epistemix can provide event managers and sports organizations with data-driven insights to inform their reopening strategies and how they approach keeping their community safe.

Specifically, leaders in the sports and event industry can:

  • Test stadium opening scenarios with different capacities.
  • Visualize and compare the impact of different opening strategies on the spread of COVID-19 in the community after events.
  • Prioritize the most impactful prevention measures for their stadium.
  • Analyze the impact of various social distancing policies on infection rates in the stadium.
  • Determine how different vaccination rates in the community will influence the spread of COVID-19 in stadiums and surrounding communities.

In part two of our blog series with Epistemix, we’ll explore how event management companies and sports franchises can use insights from the FRED platform to inform policy and fan communications.

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