5 Ways to Use Location Data: Travel and Transportation

July 11, 2017

Location-based advertising is increasingly popular, but businesses are just beginning to see the potential for location data to drive insights and decision-making. The massive amounts of location data generated by consumer mobile devices can also be used to deliver new information about existing customers, grow customer loyalty and power competitive intelligence.

Every day, Gravy processes more than 8 billion location signals in order to verify consumer attendances at more than 10 million places in the U.S.  – including travel-related locations like airports, train stations and car rental companies. Here’s a look at how customers in the Travel and Transportation industries are starting to use location data today:

Gravy's Airline Audience

#5. Serve Targeted Advertising Using Location-Based Passenger Insights

Private WIFI networks are common among airlines, at train stations, bus stations and other travel-related locations. Do more than just connect your customers to the Internet: Use your private WIFI network to capture new customer insights at login. Then, delight your passengers with targeted advertising and offers based on their real-life interests.

New Customer Insights & New Revenue

When passengers login to this airline’s WIFI network, the airline receives additional location-based insights about its customers – audiences represented, places visited and events attended. The airline can then deliver targeted and relevant ads to passengers in-flight based on their interests. For example, a frequent concert-goer might receive an ad for a popular concert taking place near their destination. At the same time, the airline defrays the operational expense of running their private WIFI network with paid advertising.

#4. Plan for Periods of High Demand with Gravy’s Event Database

Don’t keep your passengers waiting: Improve fleet management and logistics, and plan for periods of high consumer demand with the largest database of events in the U.S.

Better Logistics = Better Customer Satisfaction

Large music festivals like Coachella, and major sporting events like the 2017 MLB All-Star Game, create high demand for public transportation. Gravy’s comprehensive event database gives transportation companies the information they need to effectively plan for periods of high consumer demand. Companies can more efficiently deploy their taxi and driver services – and plan when and where to release discounts and deals to attract event attendees.

#3. Attract and Acquire New Customers – From Your Competitors

Launch a conquesting campaign that targets your competitors’ known customers. Deliver a compelling offer that encourages committed  mobile consumers to try your service instead.

More Competition Creates More Opportunity

Transportation companies compete for every customer. Today’s traveler often chooses between multiple airlines, rail or bus service with little customer loyalty. Gravy’s polygonal geo-fences let you precisely identify the consumers that visit your competitors.  Devices seen at competitor locations may be added to a custom audience that can be used for  powerful conquesting campaigns. Gravy’s location intelligence also allows transportation companies to easily monitor and compare competitor foot traffic and customer engagement to their own.

#2. Get to Know Yours Customers Better

How well do you actually know your customers? Discover where your passengers dine, shop, and visit- before, during, and after their trip. Uncover new co-marketing and sponsorship opportunities using location data.

Happy Customers Mean Happy Days

How much do you know about what your customers do while waiting at the airport or train station? What do you know about your customers once they arrive at their destination? Understanding that your customers often visit Starbucks before their departure indicates an opportunity to sell Starbucks beverages in-flight. Knowing that your customers are baseball fans who often stay at a Hilton properties provides the intelligence needed to create co-branded vacation packages or to choose between sponsorship opportunities. These strategies serve to delight your customers and improve their overall experience.

#1. Create Custom Audiences of Your Passengers

Optimize your advertising campaigns with an audience build to specification. Build a custom audience that can be used to acquire new customers and re-engage your current ones.

A Custom Audience Built on Actual Customers

When your station locations are geo-fenced, mobile device IDs captured at your locations can be automatically added to a custom audience of passengers.  Over time, you’ll build a targeted and powerful audience list that can be used for loyalty and retention campaigns. Or, you can create a custom audience to use in acquisition campaigns by finding lookalikes – consumers that resemble your existing customers but who aren’t your customers today.

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