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    Forget Proximity Targeting. “Long Term Re-Targeting” Is the Key for Mobile-Derived Ad Success.

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    Ok, maybe “forget proximity targeting” is a bit too strong.  Certainly serving ads as consumers pass an advertiser’s location or when they’re leaving an event close to an advertiser’s location, has its place for driving immediate foot traffic. But it also introduces the potential “creep factor” into the equation.  As a result, we’re hearing from clients that long term re-targeting outreach strategies are what’s driving sustainable value in their mobile initiatives.

    But there’s more to it than just targeting/re-targeting.

    Most marketers realize that no matter the targeting tactic, knowing consumers’ interests and passions: what they’ll respond to, is an essential precursor and input into where and how they engage with audiences.  Simply pushing a generic offer to a consumer just because they’re nearby an advertiser’s location greatly reduces the likelihood of driving a visit, and may damage the brand to boot.

    The same can be said of short-term re-targeting of course. But, by combining knowledge of what consumers are interested in based on the local events, activities and places they frequently—and repeatedly— attend over time, moves ad impressions from intrusive promotions, to informative, sustainable engagements.

    As a result, many marketers are taking a more strategic view of using location-based intelligence combined with targeting, to drive revenue and create sustainable customer relationships.  In fact many are minimizing the use of proximity targeting, opting instead for initially targeting consumers after the fact, with mobile-derived knowledge of what they care about, and executing long term re-targeting outreach.  This strategy often outperforms proximity targeting for brands, and significantly increases consumer engagement.

    So, forget proximity targeting?  Not always, but take an extended view: connect with consumers over the long haul and in either case, use mobile, location based consumer intelligence to underpin it all.

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