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    Forrester Research Discusses Need for Location Based Context

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    Last week Gravy was included in a post by esteemed Forrester analyst Thomas Husson, entitled Beyond The Beacon Proximity-Marketing Hype, Fuel Contextual Marketing with Location Data. The piece touched on the market’s fascination with beacon technology, but went on to discuss the power of location data for context to create sustainable marketing value.

    Gravy was thrilled to provide its insight to Thomas, along with other companies in the space. Since some may not be familiar with those that contributed, we thought we’d give you some short descriptions of them to understand the role each plays.

    These are all companies that play across the mobile/location ecosystem, from top of funnel behavioral analytics and segmentation, to mid-bottom of funnel ad targeting and attribution, creative and content services and mobile eCommerce.

    Behavioral Analytics, Segmentation/Mobile Audiences:

    Gravy – Location based behavioral analytics, segmentation and campaign attribution platform, based on 1st party client location data against the largest set of polygonal geo-fenced local event & activities and place data, with verified attendance technologies to uncover deep, contextual psychographic insights.

    Place IQ – Location based behavioral analytics, targeting, campaign attribution and creative services provider using 3rd party location data against place/venue data.

    Factual – Location based audience provider with geo-fencing capabilities using 3rdparty location data against place/venue data.

    Location Based Business Profile Content, In-Location Promotion Enablement

    Yext – Location management platform featuring listings content, location pages and a network of apps that listen for smartphone Bluetooth® beacons to display in-store information like wifi password, coupons and contact information.


    Adsquare – German based mobile programmatic location-based advertising company.

    SmartFocus – UK based company providing contextualized push and email messaging triggered by customer behavior (browsing, purchase and social data).

    WiForia – UK based Wifi location-based targeting company.

    Uepaa – Swiss based peer to peer proximity based safety app, with developer SDK.


    GPShopper – Mobile eCommerce platform for retailers.

    Read the article Beyond The Beacon Proximity-Marketing Hype, Fuel Contextual Marketing With Location Data.

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