Getting Started with Location Intelligence: Personas

Getting Started with Location Intelligence: Personas

When you know where people go in the world, and what they do there, you can learn a lot about their interests, lifestyles, and habits. Anonymous mobile location signals, when properly cleansed, aggregated, and enriched, give marketers access to powerful offline insights. This data can be used to boost the performance of your ad campaigns, for competitive intelligence, and to improve your customer experience.

Gravy Analytics processes billions of daily location signals to build its industry-leading Data-As-A-Service, or DaaS, offerings. These offerings include Observations, Visitations, and Persona data. While Observations and Visitations are about understanding the places and stores people visit, Personas is about understanding the behavioral profile of consumers.

What are Personas?

Personas summarize the movement patterns of mobile devices in the physical world. Mobile devices that are regularly observed at restaurants, for example, belong to owners that – depending on restaurant type – are foodies or fast-food diners, or perhaps pizza lovers. Devices frequently observed at stores may belong to frequent shoppers, or fashion shoppers, or do-it-yourselfers. Devices that travel to-and-from work locations belong to commuters and business professionals, while those observed at children’s’ events and toy stores during the week likely belong to stay at home parents. For each of the 250M mobile devices we see every month, Personas returns up to 10 different behavioral characteristics.

What can marketers do with Persona data?

One of the most powerful uses for Persona data is appending it to your customer records. By understanding the various personas of your customer base, you can instantly segment your customers into like-minded groups, design interest-based customer engagement campaigns, or inform new products and services. You can even use your Persona data to find new, lookalike consumers that resemble your best customers, and target them with an acquisition campaign.

Best of all, because Personas are continually updated and refreshed, your customer data is continually refreshed as well. This lets marketers adjust their targeting and messaging in near real-time, as customer behavior changes. Why is this important? Major life events like moving or expecting a child, for example, signal a shift in interests and purchasing. Keeping this behavioral information up-to-date lets marketers capitalize on these shifts and anticipate their customers’ changing needs.

Latest Insights on Location Intelligence

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What Personas exist today?

More than 500 unique behavioral profiles exist today, with more added every month. From ‘Amusement Park Enthusiasts’ to ‘Parents of Teenagers’ to ‘World Music Fans’, there’s a Persona that reflects your customers’ varied interests and affinities.

Did you know? Personas are the foundation of Gravy Audiences. Find more of your best customers at any time with a location-based advertising campaign.

Every day, Gravy Analytics processes and interprets over 10B location signals to build its real-world location intelligence. What could location-derived insights do for your business?

Location intelligence gives insight into your competition. Get ahead of your competitors by connecting with a Gravy Analytics sales representative today.

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