Getting Started with Location Intelligence: Visitations

Getting Started with Location Intelligence: Visitations

When you know where people go in real life, you can learn a lot about their interests, lifestyles, and habits. Pseudonymous mobile location signals, when cleansed, aggregated, and enriched, give marketers new insight into consumer behavior. This location data can be used to improve ad CTRs and ROI, for competitive intelligence, and to improve the customer experience.

Gravy Analytics processes billions of location signals every day to build its Data-As-A-Service (DaaS) offerings, like Observations and Visitations data. While Observations data captures every location that people visit, Visitations focuses only on visits to commercial places of interest.

What are Visitations?

Visitations provides verified consumer visits to commercial places of interest for the 250M+ mobile devices in our system. Place category and name are also provided for each visit; this lets analysts working with Visitations data aggregate visits by interest or category, when required.

Latest Insights on Location Intelligence

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How can I use Visitations?

Use Visitations to measure foot traffic at places of interest, to determine consumer engagement, and for competitive benchmarking. For example:

  • If you have a chain of retail stores, you can identify mobile devices who have visited your stores – or your competitors’ stores. You can also segment devices by frequency of visit to better understand customer engagement with your brand.
  • If you’re conducting market research, you can see how consumer visits to categories and brands are trending over time to determine the next big trend or potential risk. 
  • If you’re considering a new restaurant location, you can confirm that sufficient foot traffic exists throughout the day, and on weekends, prior to signing any lease.

For more information, download our white paper, ‘Seven Factors to Consider When Evaluating Visitations Data

Visitations are captured and updated daily, so you’ll always have up-to-date data to work with. As consumers go about their daily lives – visiting grocery or clothing stores, traveling out-of-town for a concert, and staying at a hotel – new visits are automatically created and added to the file.

How could location intelligence help you and your business?

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