Gravy Analytics Adds New B2B and Mobile Phone Buyer Audiences

July 3, 2018

Gravy Analytics today announced the release of 15 new audiences for use in digital advertising campaigns. Gravy Audiences make it easy for marketers to reach the right people using information about where they go in the physical world – the locations they visit, the stores they frequent, and the events they attend. In this month’s release are:

Gravy Analytics Adds New B2B and Mobile Phone Buyer Audiences Feature Image

B2B Audiences – Reach people who’ve attended businesses and business-related events in Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate, Sales or Marketing. Perfect for use in your next B2B advertising campaign.

Mobile Phone Buyers – Various Brands – Mobile consumers recently observed at mobile phone store locations, including Cricket and Boost. Reach in-market mobile phone buyers before they’ve made a purchase decision.

Recent Retail Visit by Shopper – Apple – Mobile consumers who’ve recently visited an Apple store. Ideal for use in advertising campaigns promoting Apple-compatible apps or accessories.

Browse all new audiences, below, or download the full list of Gravy Audiences available today.

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