Gravy Analytics Awarded Technology Patent for Data Verification as Location Intelligence Demand Soars

September 8, 2021

Gravy Analytics, the location intelligence company providing real-world consumer insights, has been awarded its first patent for technology that precisely measures consumer activity in the physical world. 

The company’s “System for Analyzing and Improving Device Location as a Function of Time” detects signal location, movement patterns and anomalies for a device over time, ensuring the data’s veracity and precision. In a market rife with inaccurate and fraudulent location data, Gravy’s patented technology forensically processes and cleans raw location signals from any data provider, SDK, app or device. The result is high-quality, verified and privacy-friendly datasets that businesses can trust for insights and decision-making, increasingly vital as the economy recovers post-COVID-19.

“Where people go and what they do is truly the best indicator of who they are,” said Jeff White, Founder and CEO, Gravy Analytics. “In this ever-changing landscape, businesses can no longer rely on outdated consumer data and campaign strategies. Mobility data—reflecting today’s consumer trends, along with new interests and habits—should be foundational to every organization’s overarching strategy, in 2021 and beyond.”

Obtaining this patent is the pinnacle of three years of 1768% cumulative revenue growth for Gravy Analytics, during which time the company has also grown its customer base by 205% and its employee headcount by 88%. Today, businesses ranging from market research, automotive and sports to real estate, retail, and financial services rely on location intelligence to inform their operations, product development, supply chain, go-to-market strategies and more.

Additionally, researchers at Columbia University School of Public Health, Columbia Business School, UT Health San Antonio and Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering are working with Gravy Analytics’ datasets to fuel innovations that benefit communities and lives, as part of Gravy’s Data for Social Good mission.

To learn more about Gravy Analytics and how location intelligence can help your organization, get in touch today.

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