Gravy Analytics Celebrates International Data Privacy Day!

January 28, 2022

The Gravy Analytics team is excited to celebrate International Data Privacy Day! Originally started in 2007, International Data Privacy Day serves as an opportunity for organizations large and small to recognize the privacy endeavors of its team members and the privacy features in its products and services.

Data privacy isn’t just a holiday, it’s something we celebrate at Gravy Analytics every day of the year. In recognition of those efforts, Gravy Analytics is proud to share its top five privacy commitments.

1: We follow the law

Our team is intimately familiar with the obligations established by the CCPA, GDPR, and other privacy laws around the world. At the center of every privacy law is a concern that companies handle individuals’ data responsibly and provide individuals with control over the collection and use of their data. We take consumer privacy seriously and ensure that our data remains compliant with industry and legal requirements.

#2: We protect our data

The data we possess is securely stored in our cloud environment, and access is limited via stringent security controls and processes. We also take special care to ensure that our data delivery mechanisms are limited exclusively to secure channels.

#3: We’re involved

Gravy remains dedicated to cementing itself as an industry leader at the intersection of geolocation data and privacy. We continue to be an active member of the National Advertising Initiative (NAI) and consistently incorporate the tenets of such membership into our business model.

Gravy is proud to share that its Chief Privacy Officer recently became a member of the Future of Privacy Forum’s (FPF) Advisory Board. Gravy leverages this board membership to help in the advancement of privacy standards for the geolocation data industry.

#4: Granted permission – It’s the right thing to do

Gravy works with our data suppliers to ensure the data we process comes from device users who have granted permission to the collection of device identifiers and geolocation signals. We apply this standard on a global level, regardless of whether this requirement exists in the jurisdiction where the device is present.

#5: Want to opt-out?  No problem!

Gravy maintains a robust privacy request channel designed to satisfy the obligations established by the world’s privacy laws. Accordingly, the Gravy privacy team diligently responds and complies with each privacy request we receive in a timely manner. Feel free to submit your own opt-out or privacy request on our website:

To learn more about Gravy Analytics, please visit our website at

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