Gravy Analytics Introduces New Grocery Shopper, Parents of Students Audiences

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    Gravy Analytics announces the launch of 15 new in-market, enthusiast and lifestyle audiences for use in digital advertising campaigns. With Gravy’s location-based audiences, marketers can easily reach committed consumers based on what they do in real life.

    Our favorite audiences include:

    Recent Grocery Visitors – Reach consumers that were recently seen at major grocery chains, including Harris Teeter, Trader Joe’s and Wegmans. Perfect for use by food manufacturers – such as Kraft or Mars- and CPGs – like Unilever or P&G – that want to connect with grocery store shoppers. Reach in-market grocery buyers before they make their next trip to the store! 

    Parents of High School, College Students – Connect with parents of students with ‘‘Parents of High School Students’ and ‘Parents of College Students’. A perfect choice for companies marketing technology, apparel or school supplies purchased by parents and used by high school or college students. Both audiences are available now for your use in upcoming summer break or back-to-school campaigns.

    In-Market Mother’s (and Father’s) Day – Advertise to consumers who are in-market for Mother’s Day – or Father’s Day – gifts. Ideal for upscale restaurants, jewelry stores, golf courses, spas and much, much more. This is a great audience to try if your product or service sales correlate with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day holidays. Jewelers: be sure to check out Gravy’s new ‘In-Market Jewelry’ audience, as well!

    Learn more about these exciting new audiences, or download the complete list of over 350 Gravy Audiences available today.

    Gravy Analytics Introduces New Grocery Shopper, Parents of Students Audiences Chart

    These new Gravy Audiences are now available for use via leading DMPs and DSPs.

    Tell us how you’re using Gravy Audiences to power your advertising campaigns! We’d like to hear all about it. Contact us today.