Gravy Analytics and PeoplefindersDaaS Empower Advertisers to Reach Business Leaders

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    Gravy Analytics and PeoplefindersDaaS have jointly released 50+ new audiences for use in programmatic advertising campaigns. These new audiences bring together two best-in-class data offerings: Gravy Analytics’ consumer behavioral data at scale and PeoplefindersDaaS’ highly accurate and diverse B2B data based on thousands of disparate sources. The combination gives marketers a unique and powerful new way to identify and target business leaders in Construction, Healthcare, Technology and more.

    Using Gravy Analytics and PeoplefindersDaaS audiences, marketers can efficiently reach business professionals, functional decision-makers and c-suite executives by industry vertical or travel preference. Other audiences let marketers reach political activists and donors by party affiliation. Example audiences include ‘Business Decision Makers in Hospitality’, ‘C-Suite in Technology’ and ‘Independent Political Donor’. View more examples or download the complete list of Gravy Analytics & PeoplefindersDaaS audiences below.

    Gravy Analytics & PeopleFindersDaaS Audience Chart

    Gravy Analytics is a leading provider of real-world location intelligence for marketers. The company processes billions of location signals daily from over 250M mobile devices to verify consumer attendances at millions of places and events. Gravy Analytics’ deep understanding of both events and venues, and use of 100% polygonal geo-fences, yields unique and highly accurate consumer behavioral insights. PeoplefindersDaaS is the largest premium B2B data marketplace with more than 50B data records compiled from over 1,000 sources of demographic, psychographic, interest and behavioral data for use in marketing, sales and analytics.

    Created in conjunction with LiveRamp and the Data Innovator’s program, all Gravy and PeoplefindersDaaS audiences are available exclusively through the LiveRamp data platform. Advertisers can find all audiences within the LiveRamp catalog under Innovators > Gravy Analytics & PeoplefinderDaaS.

    To learn more about the data partnership between Gravy Analytics and PeoplefindersDaaS, contact us today.