Gravy Analytics Releases New Shopper, Personal Finance Visit, and Veteran Audiences

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    Gravy Analytics is pleased to announce the release of several new shopper, personal finance and veteran audiences for use in digital marketing campaigns. Built on the places and events that consumers attend, Gravy Audiences make it easier than ever for marketers to reach committed consumers.

    Included in this month’s release are:

    Recent Shopper Visit – Reach consumers who’ve visited major auto, beauty or clothing stores, like Foot Locker, NAPA Auto Parts and ULTA.  Engage these recent shoppers with your marketing message before they make their next trip to the store!

    Recent Personal Finance Visit – Connect with people recently observed at consumer banks, including U.S. Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank. With 2017 tax season over, it’s an ideal time for consumers to get their personal finances in order.

    Veterans – Reach consumers seen at places associated with veteran status, like the American Legion, military reunions, and relevant places and events. Perfect for use by any business with a special Memorial Day offer for prior military.

    Browse all our new audiences, below, or download the full list of more than 350 real-world audiences.

    New Audiences Listing Chart

    All Gravy Audiences are now available for use within leading DMPs and DSPs.

    Do you have a question about Gravy Audiences, or an idea for a location-based audience? Contact us today.