Gravy Analytics Releases Winter Sports, Gamers & Millennial Audiences

December 19, 2017

Gravy Analytics is pleased to announce the release of several new in-market, enthusiast and lifestyle audiences. Built on the places and events that consumers attend, Gravy Audiences make it easy for marketers to reach committed consumers and deliver superior results with their advertising campaigns.

New audiences to note this month:

Winter Sports Enthusiasts – Reach consumers previously observed at ice skating rinks, ski resorts, and related places and events. Perfect for use by hotels, resorts and apparel manufacturers who host winter sports events or manufacture related equipment. Connect with winter sports enthusiasts just in time for ski and snowboard season.

Gamers – Target consumers who attend gaming events, visit game stores, and are observed at other relevant places and events. Ideal for use by video game publishers and console manufacturers. Reach the most committed gamers in market with Gravy’s location-based audiences.

Millennials – Connect with tech-savvy, 20- and 30-something consumers. Suitable for use by any retailer, restaurant or entertainment destination whose target market includes millennials. Gravy Audiences let advertisers reach in-market millennials where they spend their time – on the mobile device.

Browse all our new audiences, below, or download the full list of more than 300 real-world audiences.

All Gravy Audiences are now available for use within leading DMPs and DSPs.

Do you have a question about Gravy Audiences, or an idea for a location-based audience? Contact us today.

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