Gravy Announces Breakthrough Patented Attendance Verification Technology for Location-Based Marketers

“AdmitOne™” Overcomes the Pervasive Challenge of Confirming Customer Attendance at Local Events, Activities, and Venues.   

Gravy just announced the launch of AdmitOne, the first and only attendance verification technology for location-based marketers.

The new solution helps marketers optimize message development and minimize media spend waste with a much higher confidence that they’re reaching customers predisposed to what the brand has to offer.  AdmitOne solves a long-standing need for marketers, using mobile location-based behavior gathering, to conclusively distinguish between actual attendances to local events and visits to places versus mobile users walking or driving by.

Mike Boland, Chief Analyst at BIA/Kelsey commented, “Our data shows that location relevance is considerably additive to ad targeting, but GPS data alone is missing context. It’s generally a long string of numbers that doesn’t indicate that I’m at Target, as opposed to the Starbucks within; or that I’m at a basketball game, as opposed to the hockey game that took place in the same venue the night before. Additional place, event, and temporal data is needed for context, and thus precision, in location-based ad targeting.”

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