Gravy Analytics Announces New NCAA, NBA and NFL Sports Audiences

March 9, 2017

Gravy Analytics has some exciting news for sports marketers – just in time for NCAA playoff season! This week we released several new sports-oriented Audiences. These segments are designed specifically for use by sports marketers who need to reach the most committed sports fans in the US. These new sports audiences make it possible for advertisers to target sports enthusiasts with a precision never before possible.

Gravy Announces New Sports Audiences

Place your bets.

Gravy has the advantage, because unlike other sports-oriented audiences, Gravy Audiences are built using a powerful, industry-leading combination of geo-signals, place data, and sporting event information. It’s this unique combination that lets us tell the difference between a football fan and a soccer fan. Or a hockey fan and a basketball fan.

Let’s use the Verizon Center, in Washington DC, as our example: Both the Washington Wizards and the Washington Capitals have a home at the arena. The location geo-signals may tell us that a mobile device was in the vicinity – but it’s the event data that tells us which games were attended. And that’s what lets us tell the difference between a regular Sports Fan, a rabid Hockey Fan and a lifetime Basketball Fan.

Check out our first few sports-oriented Gravy Audiences below:

sports fans

We’re all starters here.

Like athletes – not all sports audiences are created equal. So why waste your limited marketing $$$ reaching a generic mobile “sports fan” audience that’s just based just on location? With the most comprehensive events database in the US – and more events added each day – only Gravy Audiences give you the power to reach the fans you truly care about.

Plus, over 90% of the geo-location signals that Gravy receives simply don’t have what it takes. We filter out poor signals and apply what we call deterministic logic to ensure that only mobile devices with a strong pattern of fan behavior end up in the final cut. We also exclude devices with just one event attendance. You’ll reach the fans that live, eat and breathe sports – not the ones that sit on the sidelines.

I want to get in on this. What do I do next?

As with all Gravy Audiences, these new sports fan-oriented segments are available through your favorite DSP or DMP partner. Just choose your target audience, set your location and budget, and your mobile campaign will be delivered to the highest quality audience of sports fans available. It’s as easy as (programmatic) advertising can be.

Need help getting started? Or just want to learn more? Contact us today – we’ll help you make your next mobile advertising campaign a winner.

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