Which Gravy Audiences are the Best for Automotive Advertising?

November 18, 2020

No, this title is not clickbait. We know how tough this year has been on the automotive industry, especially when people spent a good portion of their year rooted to their couches or home-offices due to the lockdown. No one was visiting car dealerships, no one was actively shopping for that new minivan to cart their kids back forth from soccer practice when there was no soccer practice to begin with.  

As the mandates lifted, people finally started to go out shopping, and industries began to plan the road to recovery. When it comes to the automotive industry, a lot of dealership foot traffic heavily relies on great advertising and knowing who to reach at the right time. In this piece, we’re going to put a magnifying glass on which Gravy Audiences would be best for the automotive industry and why.

Which Gravy Audiences are the Best for Automotive Companies?

5. Auto Part Retail Visitors

Why this Audience?

Much like the mechanic visitors, consumers who are actively shopping in an auto part retail shop are likely looking for a replacement part, or interested in leveling up their vehicle. 

By reaching these consumers, your chances of converting someone into a paying customer increase exponentially because they are actually interested in what you are selling.

4. Car and Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Why this Audience?

It may seem like common sense to reach automotive enthusiasts. Using this Gravy Audience makes all of the difference because it focuses on consumers who attend motorcycle and automotive events. This will not only help you send out ads that are more likely to convert, but also jump ahead of the competition who are likely trying to reach the same people.

3. Auto Mechanic Enthusiasts

Why this Audience?

Reaching auto mechanic visitors is like hitting the advertising jackpot. Most consumers don’t like to visit a mechanic unless they absolutely have to. While the mechanic is repairing yet another electrical problem, or a faulty axle, or even a simple oil change, this puts the consumer in the vehicle-buying state of mind. 

“Maybe just trading this one in for a 2020 model will save me X amount of money over a year instead of having to bring my car to the shop every few months.”

Imagine your car dealership ad pops up at that exact moment. This customer is more likely to click that ad and visit your online catalog than the customer who just got your ad while eating Chinese food at the restaurant down the street.

2. Ride-Share Drivers

Why this Audience?

Remember that Uber driver who gave you a lift to the airport last year? Well, she’s very likely to be in the market for a new car after the lockdown. Think about how many miles are put on a ride-share driver’s car every year, then think about your car being your office. 

If you spent hour after hour in your car, it would probably make you want to explore what other options are available, especially if those options are going to save you on gas money or comfortably fit more passengers.

1. Auto Buyers

Why this Audience?

We know what you’re thinking: “Of course this one is on the list; they’re literally shopping for cars!” While it may seem obvious to reach these customers, what isn’t obvious is who is doing the shopping. 

The great thing about location intelligence is that you could reach people who have visited a car dealership within the past week, getting a much higher turn-over rate than if you had.

Location Intelligence for Automotive Advertising

As this year progresses, finding your ideal advertising audience has become more important than ever. Never waste ad spend, and never worry about what your competitors are doing to get customers to their doors: bring them to yours instead. Curious about what location intelligence can do for your advertising campaigns? Contact us!

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