Which Gravy Audiences are the Best for Automotive Advertising?

No, this title is not clickbait. We know how tough this year has been on the automotive industry, especially when people spent a good portion of their year rooted to their couches or home-offices due to the lockdown. No one was visiting car dealerships, no one was actively shopping for that new minivan to cart their kids back forth from soccer practice when there was no soccer practice to begin with.  

As the mandates lifted, people finally started to go out shopping, and industries began to plan the road to recovery. When it comes to the automotive industry, a lot of dealership foot traffic heavily relies on great advertising and knowing who to reach at the right time. In this piece, we’re going to put a magnifying glass on which Gravy Audiences would be best for the automotive industry and why.


Which Gravy Audiences are the Best for Automotive Companies?
Why this Audience?

Much like the mechanic visitors, consumers who are actively shopping in an auto part retail shop are likely looking for a replacement part, or interested in leveling up their vehicle. 

By reaching these consumers, your chances of converting someone into a paying customer increase exponentially because they are actually interested in what you are selling.

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