Gravy Audiences to Use Next: May 2017 Edition

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    Last week we shared the Top 5 Gravy Audiences that marketers used in April 2017. But May ushers in a whole new set of marketing opportunities as mobile consumers spend fewer hours in the office, the entire family spends more time outdoors, and summer vacation plans finally take shape.

    Here’s our top picks for the Gravy Audiences that you should be using next:

    #5 Live Music/Concert Goers – 2.5 Million

    This audience is comprised of music lovers who regularly attend live concert events.

    Why this Audience?

    It’s almost summer – which means that cities across the U.S. are kicking off summer concert season. This audience lets concert promoters and music venues reach mobile consumers who value live entertainment and regularly purchase event tickets.

    Top 5 Mobile Consumer Audiences: April 2017

    Need more cowbell? Check out Gravy’s music audiences by genre. Find fans of Classical, Rock, Rap and more.


    #4 DIY Enthusiasts – 3.7 Million

    These do-it-yourselfers are frequently observed at DIY events and classes, and at related retailers like hardware stores.

    Why this Audience?

    Homeowners take advantage of the warm weather to tackle their to-do lists around the house. Gravy’s DIY Enthusiast audience lets retailers target mobile consumers most likely to have a home improvement project in the works all season long.

    Top 5 Mobile Consumer Audiences: April 2017Want to reach consumers who use professional help? Use our ‘Home Improvers’ audience instead.


    #3 Luxury Lifestylers – 5.5 Million

    These in-demand mobile consumers are often observed at high-end events, such as art exhibits and operas, and places like luxury hotels and retail stores.

    Why this Audience?

    If you’re in the business of providing a 5-star dining, travel or shopping experience, this audience is the ideal way to reach affluent mobile consumers with the crème-de-la-crème of products and services.




    #2 Wine Lovers – 930K

    These mobile consumers are regularly observed at wine-related events and places, including wine tastings and wineries.

    Why this Audience?

    Millennials and Baby Boomers consume the most wine per capita, but industry consolidation and direct-to-consumer sales models have created intense competition for buyers. Cut through that competition and reach true wine aficionados with your next mobile ad campaign.

    Top 5 Mobile Consumer Audiences: April 2017Marketing wine and beer? Extend your campaign to Gravy’s ‘Beer Lovers’ audience.


    #1 Golf Enthusiasts  – 10.3 Million

    These dedicated mobile consumers are often observed at the local golf course or country club, and at related places and events.

    Why this Audience?

    Golf has an almost $70 billion annual economic impact in the U.S.  But, total rounds played are down, driving increased competition across the industry. Equipment manufacturers, apparel companies, golf courses and country clubs can get ahead of that competition by targeting ‘Golf Enthusiasts’ on the mobile device.



    Need more ideas? Check out the full list of 200+ ready-made Gravy Audiences.

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