Gravy Analytics Featured in Oracle Data Cloud Directory

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    The Oracle Data Cloud Data Directory was recently published and Gravy Analytics is prominently featured. In 2016, Gravy TruLifeTM mobile audience segments based on real-world activities were added to the BlueKai Marketplace, the world’s largest data marketplace. Gravy audiences were also introduced earlier in the year as part of Oracle’s B2B audience solutions. Oracle, Neustar, The Trade Desk and other advertising platforms recognize that Gravy’s unique ability to overlay event participation data with location data offers marketers a robustness in consumer targeting never before possible.

    Oracle Data Cloud: Buyer's Guide

    Gravy spent much of 2016 creating the infrastructure and relationships which have afforded it access to over 240 million unique mobile devices, tracking billions of daily location signals and in turn associating that data with millions of venues and over a million daily events. We have used that data to create hundreds of behavioral and intent-based audience segments that match online activity and offline affinity. We are excited about our growing partnership with Oracle that provides advertisers with easy access to Gravy TruLife audiences.

    To learn more about using Gravy TruLife audiences through Oracle Data Cloud contact us here.


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