Gravy Releases New Travel and Amusement Audiences

August 2, 2017

It’s not too late for more summer fun! This month, Gravy released new travel and amusement audiences for use by marketers in programmatic advertising campaigns. These audiences are comprised of mobile consumers with recent, verified attendances at airports, theme parks, water parks and related events.

Gravy Audiences
How to Use

These audiences are the perfect fit for an entertainment venue or tourist spot seeking to boost foot traffic during the final weeks of summer. Because Gravy’s audiences are comprised of mobile consumers who’ve visited a specific event or place in real life, advertisers can confidently use these audiences to reach the consumers most likely to act. For example, a family entertainment spot like TopGolf might use the ‘In-Market Family Fun’ audience to promote its summer family specials. Universal Parks & Resorts might use ‘Amusement Park Enthusiasts’ to reach interested consumers with a discounted ticket offer or information about a new thrill ride. Or, an airline like Jet Blue might use ‘Frequent Air Travelers’ to promote its last-minute flight specials.

Like all Gravy Audiences, our newest audiences are built using Gravy’s patented AdmitOne verification platform. Each day, Gravy processes over 8 billion location signals from 250 million mobile devices across the U.S. Our patented technology filters out poor location signals and confirms consumer attendances at millions of places and events. It’s this unique process that allows Gravy to provide the highest-quality mobile audiences in the industry.

See our newest retail audiences, below, and download the full list today.

How to Buy

Gravy Audiences are purchased through leading DSPs and DMPs. Just choose your target audience, set your location and budget, and your next mobile campaign will be delivered to the most engaged mobile consumers in market. It’s as easy as (programmatic) advertising can be.

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