Gravy Taps DANNI enterprises to Bring First-of-its-Kind Mobile Behavior-Based Personalization to Hoteliers

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    Partnership Gives Clients Loyalty-Enhancing Knowledge on Where Guests Go & What They Do, On-Property and In-Between Stays   

    Gravy, the only location-based behavioral analytics and marketing provider unlocking guest interests based on verified local event and activity attendance, today announced a strategic partnership with hospitality technology and marketing veteran DANNI enterprises to help hoteliers deliver on enhancing digitally-enabled, guest-facing engagement.

    Hospitality brands striving to deepen loyalty by making their properties and guest experiences highly personalized have been challenged to obtain the insight needed to know guest interests and passions in order to deliver on the promise.  For the first time, Gravy gives hoteliers this critical guest insight based on gathering definitive knowledge on where guests go and what they do in their daily lives, both while on property and in between stays.  Hospitality brands leverage this unique intelligence to increase bookings, promote on-site amenities, and increase RevPAR.

    As specialists in advanced technology and marketing solutions for the hospitality industry, Diane Estner, CEO of DANNI enterprises, and her partner and industry expert, Dan Phillips of Dare to Imagine, quickly saw the transformational power of Gravy and have teamed up with the company to bring its solutions to leading hotel and travel services companies.

    “Diane and Dan are the perfect partners for Gravy,” said Carolyn Parent, Co-Founder of Gravy.  “They understand hoteliers’ needs, from increasing RevPAR, stimulating latent demand, and winning back defecting guests to the importance of executing marketing partnerships around individual properties.  The combination of Gravy’s ability to meet these needs and DANNI’s solutions and expertise make perfect sense.”

    “Today, the hospitality industry is all about personalization and intimately connecting with guests to create an engaging experience,” said Diane Estner.  “To do that, hoteliers need to know each guest’s actual activities and preferences.  Gravy’s ability to know the places guests go and the events they attend and to turn that into predictive segmentation that hotels can act on make it a perfect fit for the industry.”

    About Gravy

    Gravy is the only location-based behavioral analytics and marketing segmentation provider unlocking the true interests and affinities of customers based on their verified attendance to local offline events and activities.  The company applies dynamic knowledge of the definitive local events and activities mobile customers attend to verify their interests and uncover what they’re passionate about.  Gravy gives brands concise TruLife™ psychographic segmentation, precise competitor visit insights, conclusive advertising attribution, and the ability to predict and act on where customers will go in the future.  The company helps brands increase sales, loyalty, and share-of-wallet in a privacy-friendly manner. For more information, visit

    About DANNI enterprises, LLC and Dan Phillips

    Recognized as hospitality specialists, DANNI enterprises operates as a global resource focused on identifying and supporting disruptive innovative hospitality technology services and solutions.  DANNI offers extensive hospitality industry knowledge, direct sales and consulting experience, and DANNI associates are recognized throughout the global hospitality industry.  For more detail, please see

    Dan Phillips started in the hotel industry in 1987.  He has consulted to many of the major hotel companies in North America and several around the world on a variety of subjects, but all centering around technology that enhances guest satisfaction and hotel operational efficiencies.

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