Oracle + Gravy Analytics Logo: Event-Attendance Audiences

    Gravy TruLife™ Consumer Event-Attendance Audiences Added to Oracle Data Cloud’s BlueKai Marketplace

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    We at team Gravy are pleased to announce that Gravy’s consumer event-attendance audiences are now available through Oracle Data Cloud’s BlueKai Marketplace, the world’s largest data marketplace.  This is the second integration with Oracle Data Cloud for Gravy, as we also recently announced a partnership to help power Oracle’s new B2B event-attendance audiences.

    Built on the local events and activities anonymous consumers and professionals engage in and the places they go in their daily lives, Gravy’s unique TruLife B2C and B2B mobile-derived audiences are now available to all Oracle Data Cloud customers, providing access to both consumer and business professional segments. Consumer audience segments available in the BlueKai Marketplace range from active athletes and live music lovers to in-market home and auto buyers and dozens more.

    “We’re delighted to work with Oracle Data Cloud to give advertisers access to Gravy’s audience segments for highly committed consumers and professionals based on our proprietary event-attendance data,” said Jeff White, CEO, Gravy.  “We look forward to helping drive performance and deliver unique capabilities to Oracle Data Cloud users.”

    TruLife premium audiences are fueled by Gravy’s anonymized 230 million device Open Geo-Signals Cloud network, and they are processed against Gravy’s AdmitOne™ attendance verification platform.  AdmitOne processes billions of Geo-Signals daily, rigorously verifying consumer and business professional attendances at events, activities and places to create conclusive Gravy TruLife audience segments.

    “Gravy’s data gives Oracle data customers the ability to reach key marketing segments based on their real-world activities, and we are very pleased to offer Gravy data through the BlueKai Marketplace,” said Jeff Teng, Senior Director of Business Development for the Oracle Data Cloud.  “With robust event-based audiences in both the B2B and B2C space, Gravy has brought a one-two punch of valuable marketing data to the Oracle Data Cloud.”

    Oracle Data Cloud is the largest global Data as a Service solution, offering access to more than five billion global consumer profiles and 1,500+ data partners. Oracle Data Cloud integrates that data with more than 200 major media companies, including publisher exchanges, ad networks, DSPs, DMPs, and agency trading desks.

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