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    Heads up B2B Marketers—Location Based Marketing isn’t Just for the B2C Crowd

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    As B2B marketers, we understand the tried-and-true strategies for marketing to businesses. From vertical trade shows, media and analyst relations, SEO and SEM to targeted display ads, sponsored Webinars and demand gen outreach, we’re doing all we can.

    Or are we?

    Like B2C, a key B2B marketing objective is to reach the most predisposed prospects at the right time and place, when they’re most likely to respond.

    Obviously B2B marketers can and do qualify prospects based on target industry verticals, job functions, titles and the like, but finding those in-market, at-scale isn’t easy. Sure, we all sponsor trade shows, push meeting invites to attendees, exhibit and even speak. But still, we’re only able to reach a fraction of the entire audience.

    Fortunately, there is a better way.

    2016 is the year that B2B marketers ramp up digital advertising efforts based on marketplace advances in areas such as mobile.

    And mobile, location-based targeting is the perfect way for B2B marketers to get the scale and reach they need. Now, they can influence prospects and partners attending tradeshows and events aligned with what they have to offer. Not just targeting them at the events, but re-targeting them afterwards.

    Need to reach motivated prospects by vertical? Target attendees of vertical events like manufacturing, transportation and retail. How about by job function? Target attendees of events for C-Levels, Sales, Customer Service, Finance or HR. Sponsor your own event? Target attendees who invested their time to come. The possibilities are endless.

    And what about reaching employees of companies to build brand and product awareness and offer promotions? Yes, with location based marketing you can do that too. In the Pharma industry? Push new product introductions to employees of hospitals and medical facilities. Offer company-sponsored health insurance? Target employees of those companies with messages during open enrollment seasons.

    Yes, with B2B, the possibilities are endless. Isn’t it great to know that location-based marketing isn’t just for the B2C crowd?

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