How to Support Your Favorite Brands

How to Support Your Favorite Brands

COVID-19 is affecting many businesses across different industries. In many states, many “non-essential” businesses remain closed, and “essential” businesses are adjusting how they operate. Many are getting innovative on how to continue to support their customers and are constantly iterating on their processes to comply with social distancing best practices. Stay-at-home orders are causing changes in consumer behavior. At this time, it can be difficult to determine how you can support your favorite retailer or restaurant and its employees. Here at Gravy – we understand how you feel, so we have provided you with a mini-guide to help you determine how to support your favorite brands during this unprecedented time:


Before you decide to head out to the store, you should do research before you visit. If you are going to a retail store, are you able to order what you need online? If so, then that would be your best option if your state is under a stay-at-home or lockdown order. If it is something that you need and can’t order online, check the store hours on their website and social media channels.

If they don’t have a website or social media presence, call the store ahead and ask them about the availability of the product you are looking for. Are they offering contactless delivery or experience such as curbside pickup? Be sure to understand the store or restaurant’s processes before you head out.


If you are ordering delivery from a restaurant, be sure to leave a tip. In the delivery notes, make sure to mention that you would like contactless delivery if it isn’t already available as an option. When you are heading out to a retail store or even picking up takeout, be sure to wear a mask to protect yourself and any employees you interact with. Follow the instructions of employees — including social distancing rules — and remember to say thank you.

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You may be only tempted to share negative feedback, but it is important to also share positive feedback. Give constructive feedback and think before you send or post a review. Did you see an employee do something wonderful? When you get home, write an email to the company and mention the employee by name, or even reach out to the company via DM on social media. Share your positive experience on social media and tag the company. Have you recently been sent a customer feedback survey? Don’t ignore the survey – fill it out in its entirety.


While you aren’t visiting your favorite brand in-person as often as you used to, there are still ways that you can engage with your go-to restaurant or store. Consider subscribing to their email newsletter. Many brands are using email as a way to communicate with their customers. This allows you to stay informed about what is going on with your favorite brand. Follow your favorite brand on social media. Comment on their posts and share your favorite content. Is your favorite brand doing a virtual event or promoting a new digital experience? Attend the online event and do what you can to participate.

How have you continued to engage with your favorite brand? Let us know, or reach out to us on social media.

Message to Retailers and Restaurants

We’re here for you. It’s important to continue to stay connected with your audience. Our advertising audiences allow your brand to reach your customers – whether it’s an ad featuring new products, promoting an improved digital experience, or sending a message of positivity to your customers – no matter where they are.

Browse our Gravy’s April advertising audiences below, and let us know how we can help you.

Pharmacy Visitor since March 15, 2020Mobile users observed at a pharmacy since March 15, 2020
Restaurant Visitor since March 15, 2020Mobile users observed at a restaurant since March 15, 2020
Home Improvement Visitor since March 15, 2020Mobile users observed at a home improvement store since March 15, 2020
Retail Visitor since March 15, 2020Mobile users observed at a retail store since March 15, 2020
Grocery Visitor since March 15, 2020Mobile users observed at a grocery store since March 15, 2020
Diners - Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Gluten-FreeMobile users seen at Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free cuisine restaurants
B2B PharmaceuticalsMobile users who likely work in pharmaceuticals based on venue and event visitation patterns
First Class TravelersMobile users that likely travel first class due to high end travel habits
Tech Early AdoptersMobile users attending events for new technology and exhibiting shopping behaviors in line with being tech early adopters
Home Improvement - PlumbingMobile users with interest in the plumbing aspect of home improvement based on visitations to plumbing specific venues and educational events
Recent Retail Visit by Shopper - American EagleMobile users recently observed at an American Eagle store
Recent Retail Visit by Shopper - J.CrewMobile users recently observed at a J.Crew
Recent Retail Visit by Shopper - GapMobile users recently observed at a Gap store
Recent Retail Visit by Shopper - Ann Taylor LoftMobile users recently observed at an Ann Taylor Loft
Recent Retail Visit by Shopper - Banana RepublicMobile users recently observed at a Banana Republic

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