How to Build Out More Detailed Audience Profiles with Consumer Behavior Data

March 24, 2020

Consumers are more likely to engage with companies using unique targeted outreach efforts to market to them. Seventy-seven percent of consumers who have received a personalized marketing experience either have made a purchase with the brand, recommended the company to another person, or spent more at that business. The key to developing personalized marketing campaigns is understanding the behavior of your consumer base – which requires high-quality data. This information is crucial to any successful marketing campaign, as it provides insight into consumer preferences and how they can best be engaged with.

How to Build Out More Detailed Audience Profiles with Consumer Behavior Data

What is an Audience Profile?

Audience profiles are summaries of your target buyers’ preferences and behaviors based on collected data, helping you determine which prospects you should prioritize in your outreach. The information contained in these profiles acts as a compass for designing effective advertising campaigns to know who to market to, when to do so, and in what format.

How to Use Location Data to Strengthen Audience Profiles

The better you know your customers and target buyers, the more you can hone your campaigns to encourage engagement and increase sales. Location data is a vital part of the marketing equation because it provides insights into consumer habits, allows you to further divide your target audience into marketable groups, and identifies target buyers most likely to make a purchase.

Learn Consumer Behaviors

Foot traffic data reveals where consumers have traveled in the real world, providing insight into their behavior and favorite areas and venues to visit.

Consumer behavior data provides businesses with competitive marketing intelligence by showing where consumers go before and after visiting your store or a competitor’s store. This information strengthens audience profiles by detailing where and when consumers are likely to visit so they can be targeted by geofencing marketing campaigns or other location-based advertising campaigns.

Further Segment Target Audiences

One of the most important tactics to tailoring marketing campaigns to your target audience is to break up prospects into segments based on interest, demographic, or other unique qualities. The more segmented your target buyers become, the more personalized you can make your campaigns, increasing the likelihood to encourage a site visit and sell a product.

For example, an advertiser may want to know whether consumers living in a specific area are healthy eaters, casual diners, or beer lovers. An entertainment business may want to know whether connected TV users are fans of pop or rock music. Other segments could include new pet parents and cable TV customers.

This information begins to paint a picture of who your target buyers are by detailing where they prefer to travel in the real world and what hobbies or activities they like participating in, indicating which consumer preferences correlate to more interested buyers. It can also strengthen marketing campaigns by revealing what brands consumers prefer to interact with, informing how you can better position your company to grab their interest.

Identify Optimal Buyers

Once you know where your consumers are and the subgroups they belong to, you will have a much clearer picture of who you should be targeting in your marketing campaigns to drive more sales. By analyzing location intelligence, you can determine the best times to reach out to prospects, how large of an area around your business you should market to, as well as what format they are most likely to respond to, whether it’s through location-based alerts, social media posts, or in-store sales.

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