How to Choose a Location-Based Audience: Frequency

    How to Choose a Location-Based Audience: Frequency

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    Understanding Frequency

    When choosing a location-based audience, it’s critical to understand how consumer behavior is interpreted. What observed behaviors qualify a mobile device for inclusion in an audience? Is a mobile device added to a ‘Mall Lovers & Frequent Shoppers’ audience after a single visit to a mall? Or did they need to make 3 or more visits to shopping destination within the last month?

    Audience Frequency

    Audience Frequency

    You may also want to consider relevant events that would signal consumer interest. In the case of ‘Mall Lovers & Frequent Shoppers’, this might be indicated by an attendance at a community fashion show, or pop-up store shopping event.

    Frequency is also not one-size-fits all, and the right frequency to use will make sense in the context of your advertising campaign. For example, if I am launching a new performance drink for athletes, I likely want to reach consumers who are regularly and frequently seen at their local gym. These athletes might also participate in events like road races or mud runs. I want to ensure that my chosen audience is comprised of desirable target consumers. In this case, my target consumers are people who regularly exercise – not those who only show up at the gym during the first week of January.

    Yet, a single visit to an open house is a pretty good indicator that a visiting consumer is in-market for a new home. While there are always exceptions, I don’t necessarily need to see a device at multiple open houses before I can infer that a consumer is house-hunting. In fact, it may be the opposite: If I consistently see a device at open houses over a period of months or longer, it’s far more likely that the device owner is a real estate agent, and not in the market for a home.

    Either way, frequency is another key factor to consider when choosing a location-based audience for your advertising campaign. Again, the proper frequency to use will make logical sense in the context of your ad campaign and target market.

    • What qualifies a customer for inclusion?


    • How many activities were required?


    • What kinds of example activities were included?

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