Indoor, Outdoor and Back Again


Although both are built on mobile, Social Wifi networks and GPS/geo-fence location-based providers have evolved independently, with quite different sets of use cases.  And each have long contemplated when, or even if, the two will converge, or at least find synergies.

And now they have.

Social Wifi networks help businesses like retailers, restaurants, malls and even public municipalities by using social media to collect customer data (through Facebook or Twitter sign-up/authentication), and by creating ad revenue streams to share with these organizations.  While social-sourced customer data is valuable and ad revenue is attractive, the data often has limited utility, and the revenue frequently goes toward offsetting the router investment and paying monthly data fees.

But by working with the right GPS/geo-fence location intelligence partner, Social Wifi networks are, in fact, finding ways to both enhance customer intelligence and ad revenue performance for their clients.

How so?

Latest Insights on Location Intelligence

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GPS/Geo-fence providers pseudonymously build lifestyle, life stage and “in-market” audiences based on the local events, activities and places mobile customers visit in their daily lives.  They enable Social Wifi networks to deliver much more contextually relevant ad experiences than relying on basic gender, age, “likes and shares,” gleaned from Social.

For example, selling a sports apparel advertiser an audience that’s female and age 30-40 gives scant insight into whether or not they’ll engage.  However, targeting an audience that’s female, aged 30-40 and known to frequently run in local marathons and attend yoga classes will simultaneously drive up engagement, response rates and eCPM revenues.

But the value doesn’t stop there.

Brands using Social Wifi networks get the added benefit of understanding their own customers’ interests and affinities for their use in high-engagement CRM initiatives, and even for knowing where to invest local ad sponsorship monies.  And Social Wifi networks can differentiate themselves by helping brands and other advertisers extend reach beyond their own locations, to continue the engagement across the entire cross-device ad ecosystem.

So, while both-mobile-based Social Wifi and GPS/Geo-fenced location marketing evolved separately, it seems they’ve finally found something in common.  And we like that.

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