How Brands Can Efficiently Advertise to Gen Z

Advertising to Gen Z

While many advertisers might put Gen Z (sometimes referred to as post-Millennials) and Millennials into the same bucket, they are totally different when it comes to the way that they interact with brands and how they purchase products. Gen Z includes people born after 1996, and don’t know a world without social media. When advertising to Gen Z, companies need to consider what they value (and what they don’t value). They are eco-conscious and they know how to manage their money. Gen Z values brands who are authentic and contribute to social causes.

When you advertise to Gen Z, it is important to keep what they value in mind. If you come across as inauthentic or don’t optimize your advertising to streamline with digital experiences, then you’ll find that your ads won’t grab their attention. Whatever you are advertising to Gen Z (whether it’s coffee or cars), you’ll need to do your research to make sure that your messaging would resonate with them.

Latest Insights on Location Intelligence

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Let’s dive into some use cases for our latest advertising audiences for brands looking to reach Gen Zers.

Gen Z Coffee Shop Lovers – Gen Z is right behind Millennials when it comes to coffee consumption, and they tend to gravitate towards cold brew coffee. Advertise your latest cold brew offerings and loyalty membership program to Gen Zers looking for a caffeine fix.

Gen Z Healthy Eaters – Gen Zers are very interested in health food, but they also want it to be convenient. Advertise your ready to eat and to-go healthy food options to Gen Zers who often visit health food stores and participate in activities related to healthy eating.

Gen Z Auto Buyers – Gen Zers are looking for practical cars like sedans and they are less interested in luxury cars. Advertise your latest sedans and new car discount programs to Gen Zers who visit car dealerships.

Ready to start advertising to Gen Z? Check out our latest advertising audiences below.

Hunting EnthusiastMobile users that visit hunting areas and trails
Recent Retail Visit by Shopper - Bed Bath & BeyondMobile users that have recently visited a Bed Bath & Beyond
Visitors to Universal ParksMobile users that have visited a Universal studios park
Six Flags VisitorMobile users that have visited a Six Flags amusement park
Brewery VisitorUsers who attend craft brewing events, beer tasting events, breweries, and brewpubs
Recent Personal Finance Visit - CitibankMobile users that have recently visited a Citibank
Car Wash and DetailMobile users that visit car wash and detail locations
Truck DriverMobile users that visit venues and events associated with working in trucking and recently observed in a warehouse
Likely Online Big Box Store ShopperMobile users that are likely online big box shoppers based on past visits to big box grocery stores
Likely Podcast ListenerMobile users that are likely podcast listeners based on visitation to coffee shops, bookstores, and travel / commute behavior
Gen Z Mobile Phone BuyersGen Z mobile consumers who are In-Market for a mobile phone
Gen Z Healthy EatersGen Z mobile users that visit health food stores and participate in healthy eating-related activities
Gen Z Auto BuyersGen Z mobile users visiting Automobile Dealerships
Gen Z Coffee Shop LoversGen Z mobile users who frequently attend Coffee Shops and places where Coffee is a central theme
Gen Z Mattress BuyersGen Z mobile users attending places that indicate that the user is in market for a mattress, e.g. Mattress stores
Money TransferMobile users that have recently visited a money transfer business
VolunteerMobile users that attend volunteer events and visit shelters

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