Interview with Gravy Advisory Board Member Randall Beard

Interview with Gravy Advisory Board Member Randall Beard

We asked Gravy Advisory Board Member Randall Beard about location intelligence and what he does when he isn’t working.

Gravy welcomes Randall Beard to our Advisory Board.

We asked Randall about location intelligence and his favorite Gravy products. He shared with us what he enjoys doing when he isn’t working. He loves music! We even found out that he played in a rock band in college. Rock on, Randall!

Gravy: Tell us about yourself…
Beard: I’m a senior executive currently engaged in multiple advisory and board roles, primarily with companies in digital marketing and media, data and predictive analytics, and new product innovation. Prior to this, I spent over 30 years in client side marketing and general management (P&G, American Express, UBS), marketing measurement and optimization (Nielsen), and performance marketing (Cardlytics). Outside of work, I’m married with three kids. I love cycling, trekking, and music.

Three things most people don’t know about me:

  1. I played in a rock band in college;
  2. I raced motocross in high school; and
  3. In 4th grade, I ordered a real, live squirrel monkey by mail order without telling my parents!

Gravy: What brings you to Gravy’s Advisory Board?
Beard: I believe that location analytics can transform the way marketing is done via much better targeting and measurement. Gravy has built a set of capabilities that are demonstrably different and better than other players in the location analytics space. I was attracted by the opportunity to work with the Gravy team to build awareness and visibility of the brand, drive faster growth through new partnerships and client opportunities, and think about the next big thing for them.

Gravy: Why is location intelligence the next big thing?
Beard: Marketing is built off of communicating with consumers – who, what, where, and when. A key challenge is that most marketers only know the who and the what. They’re flying blind when it comes to where and when. Gravy helps fill in these gaps for both targeting and measurement.

Gravy: What is your favorite Gravy product, and why?
Beard: I love all of the Gravy products and capabilities, but I’m most excited by the location event information. I think there is a huge opportunity for Gravy in the sports, music and entertainment space.

Gravy: How do you see your industry using location intelligence in the next 5 years? 10 years?
Beard: I think location intelligence has the opportunity to make marketing work harder. I’m a big believer that marketing only exists to drive better business outcomes and increase brand value. Location intelligence has the ability to aid the marketer in doing both of these things better than today.

Thank you for getting to know Gravy Advisory Board Member Randall Beard. Interested in learning more about other Gravy Advisory Board Members?

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This interview has been lightly edited.

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