Jeff White Sits Down with Michael Becker: mCordis Logo

    Jeff White Sits Down with Michael Becker of mCordis for a One-on-One Interview

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    Gravy’s CEO shares his thoughts and observations on the current state of mobile location and where the industry is going.
    Jeff was interviewed by mCordis’ Michael Becker to dig into the value of Gravy’s technology in the marketplace. He explains how they are revolutionizing impulse marketing with the data Gravy is generating. mCordis mobile insights shares with its large audience how to make mobile an essential part of your marketing strategy to work seamlessly for both brands and consumers.

    In the interview, Jeff shares the concept of the “physical cookie” and how today’s digital technology is providing brands vaulable insights on who their customers really are. From identifying a “what is old is new again” approach, to sharing the importance of where people spend their time to help brands reach their targeted audiences, to creating unique persona profiles to create real-time marketing opportunities.

    For an in-depth discussion on mobile insights watch mCordis Mobile Insights: An Interview with Jeff White from Gravy.

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